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5 Ways To Know He Could Be A Player Based On His Style

5 Ways To Know He Could Be A Player Based On His Style


Leave the Hollywood fantasy aside, no woman wants to settle with a player. For those who don’t know, a player is the guy who fakes romantic feelings for you and numerous other ladies at the same time. And they’re unfortunately very good at it. How to know a player

One thing is certain: players are narcissistic. It’s this trait that increases their desire for multiple women at a time. If they can get more than one woman, it proves to them how desirable they are, thus feeding their narcissistic traits.

As a result of the numerous player-protagonist stories saturating online, I began to wonder whether it’s possible to identify a player from the way he dresses. My conclusion, yes! There are a few fashion traits the players I encountered during my research all have in common and I have outlined these traits below. 

In service of the sista-sista culture, I really hope the information below can help you spot a player a mile away and thus, keep your guard up. After all, women deserve to be loved genuinely. How to know a player

Note: These tips are based on my personal observation and experience and don’t necessarily hold true for everyone. Proceed with caution.

Here are 5 ways to know he’s a player based on his style…

#1. Those first three buttons

Photo: Kenex Media SA | Pexels

Are you ready for this conversation? I know you drool over his midnight-skin perfectly laid over his Idris-Elba-like chest and that shirt only makes you desire him more. Guurrl, you better believe he knows! So while you unhealthily obsess over that tall glass of hot chocolate, you should prepare for the burn it could bring. How to know a player

#2. Never to be caught unfresh

Photo: Naim Ahmed | Unspalsh

It’s not a bad thing for a man to want to look good, but you called him for the third time this week and he’s at the barbers for a ‘little shape up’? It’s beginning to look like he spends more time getting his hair done than you do. Think about it. How to know a player

#3. His skincare regimen is better than yours

Photo: Monstera | Pexels

Men who have a skincare regimen are such a rarity yet, such a delight to look at and be with.  However, biologically speaking, men do not need as much skincare routine as women. This is because they do not have the hormones that cause a lot of skincare issues women experince. So, if his skincare regimen is better than yours, that could be a red flag! H How to know a player

#4. He gets more mani-pedis than you have the chance to get

Photo: Karolina Grabowska | Pexels

Don’t get it wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a manly pedi. In fact, more men should get their nails done frequently. But when he obsessively checks his nails and almost lives in the nail salon, you need to raise some brows.

#5. His pants are tailored too high from his ankle

Photo: Karan Singh | Pexels

This is another warning sign. They’ll flash those ankles because they know you love to see them. Once again, these men know what most women like, and they’ll do their best to appear just that way. Take up your heels sis, run! .How to know a player

I hope you took up lessons as much as you laughed. Seriously ladies, be careful and if there’s a red flag, find your way! There is plenty of fish in the sea.

Featured Image: Prince Akachi | Unsplash

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