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How To Elevate Any Look With A Statement Necklace

How To Elevate Any Look With A Statement Necklace


We’re all for the saying that “shoes elevate an outfit” and “bags are a trusted friend,” but a statement necklace is that friend you can take anywhere and be sure you’ll have a good time. Whether it’s for a date night or the office, the right necklace will certainly solidify your style star status. With the right statement necklace, you’ll be breaking necks everywhere you go. Ouch!

Just like any other fashion item, you can either choose to rock yours in a low-key way or go all out with an over-the-top look. The key is dressing for where you’re headed as you don’t want to make the wrong statement. For example, the necklace best suited for the office wouldn’t quite make a statement if worn to a party. In addition, you should also consider your outfit as the two must definitely go together. After all, the necklace should complement the outfit in order to create the perfect ensemble. Having said that, your personal preference also matters as you don’t want to be caught in something you don’t like all in the name of fashion.

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Statement necklaces have taken an interesting turn in the past seasons. They have graduated from pieces that screamed “costume” to become more refined in design and craftsmanship. That is to say, in this curation, you’ll be seeing an interesting new take on statement necklaces and this is much welcome. Honestly, I personally didn’t like the excessive costumes they once were and I’m excited about this refreshing change.

Check out 5 stylish ways to wear a statement necklace based on the setting…

#1. Party girl

Party time is always a fun time and a statement necklace is a good way to have some fun. (With your ensemble, at least). When choosing a piece, make it the star of your outfit. You wore it for a reason, so let it work its magic.

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It’s important to, however, be careful not to wear your necklace with other chunky jewelry because there would be so much going on. Two captains cannot sail this ship.

#2. Boss babe

It’s convenient to think an office is a place for demure or classic looks. While this is true for most organizations, some others are more welcoming. If your organization falls into the latter category, then why not include a statement necklace in your next work slay?

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A little bit of not-so-regular fashion never hurt anyone, so strut into work with that boss chic allure! It’ll have you looking stylishly put together. Keep in mind, however, that you shouldn’t opt for a piece that’s too attention-grabbing. You’re going to work after all.

#3. For a date night 

Just like with your party looks, a date is another opportunity to have some fun with jewelry! However, there’s a catch. While you can go crazy with a party statement necklace, you should go a tad softer when it comes to date night. This is because you don’t want to look as though you put in too much effort in order to impress him with your look.

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This is especially true in the case of a first date. The right necklace should strike a balance between edgy and effortless. However, if crazy is who you are, then go ahead and knock yourself out. 

#4. Out and about

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Some days you just want to dress down and a classic top X pants combo becomes your go-to. On days like these, statement necklaces come to the rescue as they can be the element that salvages your outfit from boredom.

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The right piece in this instance will help you feel comfortable and you’ll still be on top of your style game. It switches up even the plainest of outfits. For that extra pop, don’t be afraid to throw in a bold color in your necklace.

#5. Formal event

Accessories have the power to change any outfit from casual to chic in an instant. Other than that, they can also make an already polished outfit a tad higher. This magic is all too recognizable at formal events. Think about this, what’s a red carpet show without a good dose of jewelry? Half-baked!

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There’s no denying that, accessories are a vital aspect of fashion so for your next formal event, put them to good use. Whether it’s a crystal necklace that mimics diamonds or a bold pearl option, your formal outfit isn’t really complete without one.

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