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How To Elevate Any Look With A Statement Necklace

How To Elevate Any Look With A Statement Necklace

We’re all for the saying that “Pearls are always appropriate” and “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but a statement necklace is that friend you can take anywhere and be sure you’ll have a good time. A statement necklace is a piece of jewellery worn around the neck for the obvious purpose of making neck-breaking statements. Ouch!

Just like any other fashion item, you can either choose to rock yours in a low-key way or go all out with an over the top look. The key is dressing for where you’re headed as you don’t want your statement necklace breaking the wrong necks. So as always, dress appropriately for the occasion!

Here’s how you can add spice to any outfit with a statement necklace…

#1. Go big or go home

Instagram: Angeliquekidjo

When choosing a statement necklace, make it the star of your outfit. You have worn it for a reason, let it work its magic. It is important to, however, be careful not to wear a statement necklace with other chunky jewellery because there would be so much going on. Two captains cannot sail this ship.

#2. Work it

Instagram: Chicamastyle

It is convenient to think the office is a place for demure or classic looks, while this is true for most organizations, accessories make a world of difference and a statement necklace shouldn’t be left out. A little bit of not-so-regular-fashion never hurt anyone, so strut into work with that boss chic with allure! It’ll have you looking stylishly put together.

Shop similar statement necklace here…

Yakima Statement Necklace (Gold x Clear)

#3. Matchy-matchy

Instagram: YemiAlade

Style is not complete without choosing the right colours. Always be on the lookout for statement necklaces that complement your outfits. For instance, clothes made with Ankara usually have specific colours, pairing them with odd colours will only make you stand out like a sore thumb. So in essence, when wearing floral or pattern prints, match your statement necklace to the colours of the print.

#4. Pair it with a plain outfit

Instagram: Angeliquekidjo

Some days you just want to dress down and a tee-shirt on a plain pair of pants becomes your go-to. On days like these, statement necklaces come to the rescue. This piece will help you feel comfortable and still be on top of your style game. It switches up even the plainest of outfits.

Don’t be afraid to throw in a pop of colour with your necklace.

Shop pop-of-colour statement necklace here…

Nancy Beaded Necklace (Vintage Red)

#5. Black Dress Magic

Instagram: YemiAlade

Accessories have the power to change any outfit from casual to chic in an instant. The black dress is essential in any lady’s wardrobe and can be paired with a cool statement necklace for that regal look. This perfect combo makes the outfit pop, upgrading you from girl next door to Cleopatra, or make that Yemi Alade!

You know what they say “when in doubt, wear black,” no truer words have been said. Might I add, when in doubt, wear black with a statement necklace!

Statement necklaces are here to stay and if you want to make that fashion statement to ensure your entrance doesn’t go unnoticed at any event, then a statement necklace is the way to announce your arrival.

Cover Image: Yemi Alade

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