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Here’s How Style Girls Are Rocking The Corset Trend In 2023

Here’s How Style Girls Are Rocking The Corset Trend In 2023



he year is spinning so fast and before we know it, the first quarter would be taking a bow. It’s hard to keep up with all the trends but during the recent fashion shows, we got a runway glimpse of what 2023 fashion has in store. The retro resurgence is still on steroids and with different designs constantly making rounds, the corset trend promises to stay afloat in 2023.

This comes as no surprise as the corset is a garment that has served ladies well through the centuries, and it’s still going strong in our time. Plus, they are the waistline’s official best buddy due to the ease with which they offer the hourglass silhouette. To dominate the style scene this year, how to style a corset is a handy skill for a mega fashionista. From rocking it solo to layering over a chic dress, this edgy piece will certainly add some excitement to your closet. 

The evolution of the corset trend

Corsets have always been an essential undergarment but became popular in the 16th century among European women. They were made of whalebone or wood and were stiff. Women would wear corsets to make their waists look smaller and their busts look larger. By the 19th century, corsets had become a whole thing and were worn by women of all classes. As usual, they were called upon by women seeking to achieve an hourglass figure, with a small waist and a full bust and hips. At this time, corsets were made of steel and were very tight. Some women even wore corsets to sleep to maintain their shape. Yikes!

In the early 20th century, corsets began to fall out of fashion thanks in part to Coco Chanel who dared to think outside the box and provide women with more comfortable outfits. In addition, the fact that women were becoming more active meant that corsets made it difficult to move and breathe. By the 1920s, women were wearing loose clothing that allowed more movement.

However, corsets have made a comeback in recent years with many people wearing them for daily fashion or as part of costumes. Modern corsets are often made from more flexible materials and are not as tight as the corsets of the past. They are also worn for style, rather than to change the shape of the body.

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The corset trend has a long history and has gone through many changes over the years. Today, it is still a popular garment for the snatched waist gang. It’s 2023, and the style streets are raving about waist-accentuating ensembles.

Check out how to a style corset in 2023…

If your corset doesn’t have a waist-cinching fit, throw the whole corset away. (Just kiddin’). If you finally copped one and would love to make it work for you, there are several ways to style a corset, including:

#1. A corset dress

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This is a whole trend in itself. From brides and wedding guest outfits to red-carpet slay, these gowns are the elite of outside ensembles. It seems everyone must have at least one of these hanging pretty in their closets. Stay snatched, but be comfortable enough to breathe.


#2. Layered over a shirt or blouse

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Wearing a corset over a shirt or blouse is indeed a classic look. You can opt for a sheer blouse or button-down shirt for a modish twist.

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#3. Rock with a skirt

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Whether it’s a maxi, midi, or mini, wearing a corset with a skirt gives off a flirty and feminine aura. This is perfect for a night out or a breezy picnic day.

#4. Style with jeans

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The corset trend strongly relies on denim for an added edgy casual twist perfect for everyday wear. Rock it with high-waisted jeans for a relaxed and smart getup.

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#5. Under a blazer/jacket/cape

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Wearing a corset under a blazer or jacket is a smooth way to infuse structure into your style pairings. This is perfect for a more professional or business casual setting.

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#6. With a flowy dress

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A long tulle dress paired with a corset generates a beautiful silhouette. This is apt for a wedding or black-tie event.


#7. As a standalone piece

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The bold move of stunting in a solo corset look screams sassy and intentional. This works especially well with a cincher or an ornate corset. Sport it with any bottom you deem fit and hit the streets. Remember, corsets come in various lengths so consider your proportions and personal style when choosing the corset trend that matches your personality.

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Tips on how to style a corset

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Corsets are versatile garments that can be paired with many kinds of outfits. They can add a sultry touch or sophistication, depending on the intended outcome. Here are some tips on how to style corsets with any outfit:

  • Consider the occasion: The occasion determines the rendering. Always choose event-appropriate corsets. For example, a corset paired with a long skirt would be a great choice for a formal event, while a corset paired with jeans and a t-shirt would be suitable for a casual outing.
  • The silhouette matters: Corsets are designed to cinch the waist and create an hourglass figure. When selecting an outfit to wear with a corset, consider the silhouette you want to create. For example, a form-fitting dress or silk blouse paired with a corset have different effects.
  • Mix and match: You haven’t fully explored the corset trend if you play it safe at all times. Consider creating a fun and diverse look. The perfect color pairings or texture mergers would spark the IT girl’s energy. Try styling a corset with a bright-colored high-waisted skirt, a pair of wide-hem pants, or khaki shorts for a unique take.
  • Play with layering: Layering can add depth to your outfit. Consider wearing a corset over a blouse or under a blazer or jacket for an interesting and stylish look.
  • Accessorize: Accessories add the extra oomph when done right. Consider jumping on the corset trend with statement jewelry, a scarf, or a hat to complete the look.

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