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5 Ways To Keep Your Wigs Fabulous And Looking Fresh Longer

5 Ways To Keep Your Wigs Fabulous And Looking Fresh Longer


So you have mastered the art of the perfect center-part and you are now a pro at slicking those baby hairs… but you’re probably wondering where and how to organize your growing collection of fabulous wigs. That’s where I come in!

Storing your wigs properly takes a little patience but goes a long way in keeping your units looking as gorgeous as the day you first laid your eyes on them. 

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Give your wigs some TLC. Wig storage ideas.

As you have by now correctly guessed, tossing your wigs on your dresser at night is probably not the greatest idea. Wigs are a significant investment and regardless of whether you are using a synthetic wig or human hair, learning how to store it helps improve its overall quality and longevity. If you carefully box, bag, or hang your wigs, then you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged over time.

So whether you rock the same wig every day or have a whole collection to choose from, keep reading for some tried-and-true tips to help organize and keep your wigs looking chic all the time.

But First…

Although human hair and synthetic wigs require slightly different maintenance and styling methods, when it comes to storage, there really is no difference. Before you get your organizing mojo on, keep these hair care tips in mind so your units remain fresh and clean before they are put away.

  • Toss: Wigs that have mold, funny smells or unsalvageable tangles. Also those ones that have gone out of style (after all, you are a style queen!).
  • Clean: Sweat and dirt easily accumulate on a wig while you are wearing it, so it is best practice to wash your wig if you have worn it multiple times.
  • Dry & Style: After washing your unit, dry it – thoroughly. If the strands or wig cap are damp when you store your hair, it will attract dust, mold, and other chemicals.
  • Store in Cool, Dry Area: No matter where you choose to store your wig, ensure it is stored out of direct sunlight and away from a heat source. Sunlight and heat weaken the hair fibers and dulls the color of your units.
  • Stock Up on Hairnets: Placing a suitably sized hairnet on your wig will keep its style intact, and prevent any creases or folds.
  • Make Use of Closet Space: If you have space, one of the best places to store wigs is in the closet. Your units will be easily accessible and the dark, cool air will keep the wig from molding or fading. Wig care. Wig storage ideas.
  • Off-limits for children and pets: Store wigs in a place out of reach of kids and pets because…well, need I say more?
  • Group Like Items: When putting away your wigs, you can organize and store the wigs by style, color, or length.
  • Label: Labelling is important if you are storing multiple wigs. You want to be able to quickly discern the color, length, and style of the wig without having to open the container or bag. Labeling helps with this if you are storing multiple wigs.

Now that your wigs are clean, dry, and cocooned cozily in a hairnet, it’s time to figure out the best way to preserve them. Everyone likes to store and organize their wigs in their own way. Which is most convenient for you? Wig care.

Here are 5 ways to keep your wigs looking organized…

#1. Box It!

Ways to organize your wigs and keep them looking new

Wig boxes are designed to keep your wig in good shape, so they’re the perfect place to store them. You can also use a shoebox, or any other cute storage box but be aware that you may lose the style and shape of the wig as these storage boxes are not designed specifically for wigs. Whatever type of box you use, you can stack them and store them in a closet, making this a small-space-friendly approach.

#2. Bag It

Ways to organize your wigs and keep them looking new

Another great option for your growing collection of wigs is to bag them. Bagging your wigs will help you save space and keep your wigs protected. You can invest in Silk or Satin Hair Bags or opt for a good quality sealable plastic bag. Fold your wig in half from ear to ear and slip into the bag for compact storage. Invest in a large container or an over-the-door shoe rack to organize your bagged wigs. Wig care. Wig storage ideas.

#3. Use Wig Hangers Wig care.

Ways to organize your wigs and keep them looking new

Wig Hangers are clever space savers if you don’t have enough shelf space for your faux tresses. Wig hangers have a cap-like base for the hair and a long hook for hanging. A good tip is to find a space to hang them in your closet where they won’t be crushed by your clothes – the back of the closet is your safest bet.

#4. Use a Mannequin Head or Wig Stand

If you have shelf space for your units, mannequin heads or wig stands are the best methods for storing hair you use regularly. They will help keep the hair structure and style in place. Mannequin heads and wig stands are particularly helpful for when you remove your wig at night, you can gently place it on the stand ready for the next day (no more tossing). Did you know? Wig stands that have long necks are for medium and long length wigs, while wig stands that have shorter necks are for wigs with short hair (you’re welcome).

#5. Traveling with Your Wig

Going on vacation? Pack your wigs properly – you don’t want to arrive at your destination with hair that was bent out of shape by the contents of your suitcase. Consider purchasing a sturdy wig box (pro tip: make sure to cover the hair with some tissue or place in a Ziploc bag to keep it protected) and a foldable wig stand.

Try different methods and stick to the one that suits you best. If you store your wigs properly, you will get to enjoy them even longer. You paid good money for your hair so protect your investment while staying organized! Wig care. Wig storage ideas.

How did you like these ideas? Be sure to share in the comment section below.

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