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How To Stand Out As An Influencer In 2021

How To Stand Out As An Influencer In 2021



 hen social media connected the world, many didn’t foresee a new career springing up from that connection. However, the influencers birthed as a result of this connection have become celebrities in their own right. Spanning across a wide array of niches–from fashion to tech, agriculture to parenting–the impact of these authorities is undeniable. Like bread and butter, the union of social media and influencers is perfectly made for each other and has consequently proved beneficial to both the platforms and individuals. How to stand out as an influencer.

Excitingly, businesses and brands have capitalized on this productive union to increase awareness and accordingly, sales for their products and/or services. Influencers pack such a powerful punch that they can take any brand from overlooked to overbooked with just a handful of posts, amazing right? Notwithstanding, the number of influencers has grown over the years and the field has become highly competitive. As a result of this, standing out and staying on top can be such a task, although important nonetheless. 

Who is an influencer?

According to digital marketing expert Neil Patel, an influencer is an expert within a specific community who endorses or reviews products, software, or even thoughts within their field of expertise. Others in the community look to them when making their own purchasing choices. In other words, an influencer is a credible individual who has a strong influence over a certain group of people and can also influence their buying decisions. 

If you have intentions of delving into the lucrative world of influencing or you’re already on this path but seeking tips on how to stand out as an influencer, this article is especially for you. Here, you will get familiar with the proven steps to set you up for success as an influencer. Read on!

Check out 8 tips to stand out as an influencer in these social media streets…

1. Be authentic

Photo: cottonbro | Pexels

This is the first step to nailing your career as an influencer. You have to figure out what sets you apart and build your presence around it. Although you can have a couple of people you look up to, don’t copy their personality as people can always smell a fake a mile away. Stay true to yourself and be all of who you are–flaws and all. 

2. Add value

Photo: cottonbro | Pexels

It’s true that an influencer usually starts off growing their brand using their passion but in addition to talking about your favorite color and curating awesome high resolution photos on your page, people gravitate towards value. There are loads of brand influencers out there and an audience with short attention span. This means that you shouldn’t relent on creating valuable content, thus, building a connection with your audience. This will boost engagement on your page and well… there has to be a good reason why an individual subscribes to your YouTube channel, unless of course that’s your mum. 

3. Develop a unique style

Photo: Ikke mist deg selv Goshawk | Pexels

This is one way to bring creativity to play considering the internet (especially Instagram) is always buzzing with countless eye-catching contents that keep popping on the TL of your audience every second. There needs to be an extra reason why an individual would be compelled to view your content. This is where your personal style–sauce, swagger, vibe–comes in. Never blend in, dare to be different. 

4. Collaborations

Photo: Zen Chung | Pexels

As a growing influencer, if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, partner with people. This helps to grow your brand’s reach, credibility, and authenticity. This consequently boosts your follower count.  

5. Keep evolving

Photo: Mahdi Bafande | Unsplash

There’s so much going on out there and so much more will still show up, so don’t become lethargic. Stay on top of trends, or better still, create trends. Innovation and flexibility win in this world of social media influencing. After all, you want to stand out as an influencer.

6. Remain consistent

Photo: Jon Tyson | Unsplash

Yes, you hate the algorithm but if you keep showing up, over time even the algorithm can’t stunt your growth. As everything online is fleeting, people naturally gravitate to stability as they need to trust tomorrow you’ll still be there. 

7. Share your passion

Photo: Nikolas Resende | Pexels

Your audience can see through you so if you’re not passionate about the content you’re throwing out there, then best believe it shows and they’re not convinced either. To stand out as an influencer in 2021, it’s necessary that you focus on things you’re passionate about. Passion is contagious and with time, your love for what you do will rub off on your followers and they will stick around. 

Being an influencer is not as easy as it looks. It takes work, discipline, commitment, consistency, and passion. Don’t be afraid to put in the work to stand out as an influencer online. It’s not all well-edited photos and pretty locations. Here is to your growth.

Featured image: Stephen Chabala | Pexels

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