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Mental Mondays: How To Maintain A Positive Mindset As A ‘Person Of Color’

Mental Mondays: How To Maintain A Positive Mindset As A ‘Person Of Color’


Having a healthy self esteem is easier said than done especially when you’re being looked down on just because of the color of your skin but maintaining a positive mindset as a person of color is something you must do to stay afloat in the world we live in. In this piece, I’ll share practical tips to help you maintain a positive mindset. Positive mindset quotes.

For starters, you might not be responsible for how a person treats or addresses you but what’s definitely within your control is your perception of the situation and how you react to it. The good news is that the world is changing, although slower than we’d like but eventually there’ll come a time when a person’s skin color would have nothing to do with how they are treated. That’s the topic world I dream above. Until then, there are strategic ways to bounce off hate speech and racism in order to live your best life.

Here’s how you can maintain a positive mindset as a person of color…

#1. The Remember it’s not you


Anyone who automatically refrains from giving you a job you qualify for, who feels you’re not good enough for their children, who feels they’re too big to be speaking to you over the counter or who chooses to harass and abuse you just because you don’t share the same skin tone is merely looking for a preposterous excuse to be racist. It’s not you, it’s them. Understanding this will help you deal with any such scenario with grace and strength.

Don’t be afraid to speak up against injustice and demand for what you rightly deserve. And no mater what happens, remember the problem is not iwht you but with the person who feels so insecure about their own self that they must put you down to feel better about themself. Positive mindset quotes.

#2Define yourself

Opinions are a dime a dozen––plain and ordinary as it comes. The factor that makes it count is if you agree with whatever the opinion is. No one can make you feel inadequate without your consent. Choose how you define and see yourself, build up your confidence and that confidence you exude can never be downplayed. Don’t undermine yourself. Understand both your strengths and weaknesses and learn how best to make them work out in your favor.

#3Do away with the label


As a person of color, you tend to either label yourself or be labeled by society thereby putting both you and your achievements in a box and not at par with the rest of the world’s. You are first a person who has abilities and emotions just like anyone else before your skin tone. Acknowledging this helps you do away with any mental restriction that could hinder you from dreaming and achieving big.

#4Control your thoughts


There’s a thin line between being cautious and paranoid. As insensitive as this might sound, sometimes it’s all in your head. As a person of color, you might have become traumatized from all the racist attacks and hate speech that you become edgy and defensive. Don’t be too quick to pull the victim card and react in an irrational way. That being said, don’t miss an opportunity to school a racist but you do it without losing your cool or becoming violent––it speaks volumes. Even when a person decides to be oppressive, hateful or live in denial of another human’s right to exist, being positive is still a choice. Honey, kill them with kindness. Positive mindset.

#5Think solution


While fighting against racism might seem like an endless car chase running in cycles, there’s still hope. If someone undermines you because you’re a person of color, it’s not in your place to cave in and hide inside your shell. It’s not enough to teach your children not to mix up or to totally shrink and dim your light so you can be contained. Think systematically, read books, take courses, wisen your reach and network, invest, own properties, do it all and do it well. Nothing shuts mouths than results and success.

As a person of color, understand that whoever treats you harshly because of your skin color is either very ignorant, unwell or mean. Whatever the case may be, remember you can’t fight hate with hate since two wrongs can’t make a right. Love is the bedrock of positivity. Stay pure, stay true and choose to be happy. May the odds forever be in your favor. Positive mindset quotes.

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