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How To Layer Clothes: 5 Layering Tips For Stylish Men

How To Layer Clothes: 5 Layering Tips For Stylish Men


I t’s that time of the year again when the weather can’t decide what it really wants as it keeps changing throughout the day. Layering your look is essential to battle the unexpected change in weather conditions, so as not to end up too cold in the mornings or roasted when the sun shows face in the afternoon. When it comes to layering clothes for men, it’s important to understand the foundation.

Layering is the art of combining multiple layers (2-3 ideally) of your favorite pieces in an ensemble. This is effective in dealing with the changes in the weather over the course of the day, yet remaining stylish. One reason true style stars love the Fall season is simply that they have the most fun layering up their looks and they gear up to battle the dropping temperature. It’s also a great way to showcase your creativity when it comes to style. Certainly, knowing how to mix textures, colors and patterns to create a Rave-worthy look takes skill. Luckily, this is a skill anyone can develop.

To a style novice, layering may seem like a complicated task but it’s pretty simple. The rule of thumb here is thin to thick. That is, starting with the thinnest piece of clothing next to your body and building up from there. In addition, color is key. A well-layered look sticks to one or two (at most) tones to achieve a coordinated look, preferably in neutral and soft shades.

Check out style 5 tips to nailing a layered look like a style pro…

#1. Play with fabrics

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In addition to the colors of a fabric, the texture is also essential for layering. Let your creativity run free and explore playing with different fabrics. For example, denim, cotton and wool are options to consider as they work well together and are also classic. Other than these, you can make your own mix, just be careful not to go too crazy. It’s important to pick a few different fabric textures and weights and then play around with them.

#2. Learn proportion

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You don’t want to appear confused when you layer, this is where proportion comes in. Every element in your entire look should maintain a certain level of coordination for it to be a win. That is to say, the length, fit, and size should all be right. You don’t want baggy, fitted, oversized, loose fitting all-in-one look.

#3. One bulky at a time

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Yes, it’s Fall season and you may be tempted to go overboard with bulky items, but not so fast. When layering, any more than one big item and you risk looking like a comic relief. The key is to keep most of the layers on the lighter side and mix in one big piece. Whether it’s a sweater, coat or oversized scarf.

#4. Make sure each layer works

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Remember, you’re layering because of the weather, so you should consider its drops and rises throughout the day. A well-executed layered look can stand independently of other aspects of the ensemble, so that should be your aim. In order words, each layer should work well on its own, as well as part of the outfit, so when you take off a layer it doesn’t take away from your whole look.

#5. Stay creative

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Mastering the art of layering takes time and practice. While the aforementioned are all important, your creativity is the most vital aspect. Fearlessly play around with different layered looks until you find something that works. There’s really no end to the number of combinations you can create and it’s a great way to get excited about your wardrobe again.

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