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How to Join the ‘Beard Gang’ and Tips for Maintaining Your Beards | SR Men’s Beauty

How to Join the ‘Beard Gang’ and Tips for Maintaining Your Beards | SR Men’s Beauty

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In recent times, every man craves to be part of the #BeardGang but not all are lucky enough to grow healthy, full beards and definitely not all who join the gang take care or good care of their beards, hence this piece.

Owning a beard has been a thing of pride for men, both young and old alike, for as long as history has been recorded. No, seriously; think about it, almost every great man has at one time in his life grown a full beard! From Oliver de Coque to Wole Soyinka, Abraham Lincoln, Leonardo da Vinci and Karl Marx to mention a few, these powerful men have all shared one facial feature in common; a full beard of varying lengths.

The Gang

Nigerian celebrities and creatives like Noble Igwe, Obi Somto, Mai Atafo and Phyno Fino are a few gents who’ve adopted the look and stuck with it for a while. There’s gotta be some level of charm that comes with rocking a full beard because a lot more guys are buying into the look and growing out theirs.

Photographer Obi Somto
Noble Igwe
Style Influencer Noble Igwe
Rapper Phyno Fino!
Mai Atafo beard
Designer Mai Atafo

Growing Out & Maintenance

So you want to grow a beard and need to now how to initiate the process and stay the course. But having a beard is not good enough, you’ve got to take care of it or risk having beards with frayed tips or even a sweaty, smelly one. Beard care is important as if not cared for, your beard will become dry and brittle.

Here are key tips on how to grow and keep up a healthy beard, specially curated for our male Style Ravens.

* First of all, you have to be patient

This fact cannot be over stated. Yes you are eager to join the gang but nothing good comes easy. The wait is temporary and will definitely pass.

* Your beard is growing gradually and will itch sometimes if not every time

This is not the time to keep touching your face as you need to let the hair grow without all that friction on the skin. Some have said that brushing your hair often would help the hair grow in the same direction.

* As your beard grows out, you will need to wash it from time to time


Not just the rush wash it gets when you have a bath. Pay special attention to your beards. Invest in a moisturising shampoo. Your bathing soap can also do the trick so long as it is a toilet soap. My go to moisturising bar soap is Dudu Osun (PS: I do not have beards but I wash my hair with Dudu Osun instead of a shampoo).

* After washing, you need to towel your beards gently and not vigorously as vigorously drying your beards could lead to frizz and split ends

* There is nothing as inviting as beards that looks soft


This can only be achieved by constantly moisturising your beard with the use of a leave-in conditioner and it is best to seal in moisture using oils like shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil. These oils could be mixed with any essential oil of your choice.

* Your beard will need frequent grooming

Vintage tools of barber shop on wood desk

In order to look tidy always, you will need to trim your beard as often as possible. To master the act of grooming your beard, finding the right technique and shape for your face is key!

You should be ready to join and become a respectable member of the gang once you employ all these tips. Good luck on your journey!

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