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Flawless Beat: How To Fix Cakey Makeup In No Time

Flawless Beat: How To Fix Cakey Makeup In No Time


While “cakey makeup” sounds delicious, it’s anything but. Cakey makeup simply means you look like there’s a building construction going on on your face with layering definitely not going right, the foundation looking faulty, and your face appearing heavy and obviously padded. Who would want that in this era of flawless makeup? No one comes to mind.

Luckily, this huge problem comes with a quick fix! Yes, you don’t have to walk with your head down all day or walk into the bathroom to take everything off in helpless surrender. Cakey makeup is easy to repair in seconds, which means on the go.

Check out 3 common causes of cakey makeup…

#1. The foundation doesn’t match

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Throwing just any type of foundation into your shopping cart without finding out if it’s your perfect match, then pulling the “Hakuna Matata” card hoping the makeup would magically fix itself is a bad idea. Your foundation should literally disappear into your skin, and not look like it was made for someone else but you. Beware of the wrong foundation — it could be a confidence buster.

#2. Bad skin

Photo: cottonbro studio/Pexels

Another reason for cakey makeup is bad skin. Maintaining a good skincare routine is very helpful not just in avoiding cakey makeup but improving your overall skin health. Try to make moisturizing your skin a habit especially before you start applying makeup. This helps the makeup sit evenly on the skin.

#3. Using too much foundation

Photo: RODNAE Productions/Pexels

Too much application is another culprit. Let’s be honest, you can’t use up a week’s worth of makeup in just one sitting and expect flawlessness. If you would apply your makeup more lightly and reduce the number of products you layer onto your skin, just maybe we won’t be in this cakey situation. In simpler words, layering can increase caking.

Check out 4 proven and effective ways to fix cakey makeup in seconds…

#1. Use blotting paper

Photo: Sephora

Gently use blotting paper to take out excess oil. This will in turn absorb excess makeup on your skin. A fine and smooth tissue could work if you don’t have blotting paper but you have to be careful not to leave any tissue particles on your face. After which, use a loose powder brush — without applying any powder on it — to blend in any leftover unevenness. You should shake off any remnant powder on the brush from previous use before dusting your face with it.

#2. Damp makeup blender

Photo: Maria Camila Castaño/Pexels

Secondly, you can dab your face with a damp makeup blender to get the job done. To dampen your makeup blender/sponge, run a little water on it, then wring out any excesses. Next, press it gently against areas of your face where the makeup looks most cakey and blend out from there. The sponge will blend in your makeup and end the ‘cakey-ness.

#3. Fix with setting spray

Photo: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

This is an essential part of preventing cakey makeup. After every makeup application, finish up by spraying your face with a face mist, and reapply during the day. This means that you should never leave your house without a face mist in your bag. Using a setting spray will make all the products melt into your skin. A setting spray will not only lock your makeup into place but will also deal with any powdery residue and set everything into your skin for a natural finish.

#4. Bring in the oils

Photo: Pavel Danilyuk/Pexels

Dry skin can play a role in making your makeup cakey. Whether this is your skin type or you’re currently experiencing dryness due to the weather, you’ll find that no matter the prep you do the caking doesn’t stop. What’s the fix? Skin oils! Put a few drops of face oil onto the back of your hand, stamp your beauty sponge in it a few times, then lightly apply over the dry parts of your face. This will help give your face beat a skin-like texture as it helps all products blend perfectly with your skin.

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Having said that, it’s always better to avoid cakey makeup in the first place. This is why it’s important to know how to apply your makeup the right way. This will give a natural finish that enhances your beauty and does not fight it.

Here’s how to apply makeup the right way…

Start with your eye makeup then work your way down to the face makeup. This would help you use fewer products on your face. The strength of the eyes will guide the balance of the products you’re applying to the skin. If you still run into a cakey situation due to the overloading of products along the way, knowing how to fix this quickly will save you valuable minutes and hours.

How to prevent cake makeup after the initial application

Avoid layering foundation or powder throughout the day in a bid to touch up. You could use a damp makeup sponge to re-blend the makeup you’re already wearing. This is particularly helpful on a hot sweaty day and leaves you looking natural all day. You see, fixing cakey makeup is not so hard as all these can be achieved in seconds.

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