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How to Choose Apparel That Suits Your Style Best

How to Choose Apparel That Suits Your Style Best


Your style is something that you take seriously, but sometimes, you have a hard time finding apparel that fits your look. We get that (it’s such a personal thing, after all), but we’re here to help! These simple steps can narrow down your clothing options, help you find a style you’ll love, and make you more confident!


1. Know What Look You Want

Hipster, grunge, hip-hop, casual – what look do you want to achieve? There are countless variations of design, so it can be incredibly overwhelming. That doesn’t mean you have to go completely avant-garde and try something new. Instead, consider your personality. Are you into a classic neutral look or bold and vivacious color blocking? Get some inspiration from our Style Guide or some looks that you love on Pinterest. Creating a visual aid for what you want can help you figure out your personal style.

Photo: Tim Douglas / Pexels

2. Complement Your Current Clothes

When shopping, pay attention to what you already own; there’s no need to toss all of your clothes away. You probably already have a lot of clothing items, and your new apparel should complement that. For example, according to The Fact Shop, most Americans own at least seven pairs of blue jeans. Blue denim jeans are versatile and a classic staple piece to add to any closet, so don’t disregard the role they play. Pair your staple pair of jeans with a top that can work for day and night and some jewelry and you have an outfit that’s not only comfortable but stylish!

Edgy Chic Lool with the Bussie Blouse

Don’t limit yourself to what’s popular. The most influential trendsetters are those who dare to be different and take risks. Even if your style doesn’t catch on in Paris Fashion Week, you can still create a unique and enjoyable look for yourself. So go ahead, be bold, and have fun with your fashion choices!

Discover how to find the perfect apparel to meet your needs and transform your style. By taking these steps seriously, you can ensure you look your best and take your fashion to a new level, even if you’re unsure about your look. Visit our Style Guide and join our premium membership at Style Rave to get additional tips and suggestions you need to look your best.

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