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Mental Mondays: How To Be More Confident In Your Skin

Mental Mondays: How To Be More Confident In Your Skin


There’s no one in the world who hasn’t at some point wanted to change something about themselves or their lives, but the difference between a person who is confident in their skin and one who is not is self acceptance that has grown into self love.

Nobody deserves your undiluted love and care more than you do. While this might sound like one of those theoretical motivational speeches, it is the truth and until you start being confident in your skin or your body, the world won’t stop bullying you and making you feel less of a human.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Indeed, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent–– this is a fact. We have all met a person who [according to societal standards] isn’t good looking enough, rich enough, or “whatever enough”,  but when they show up oozing confidence, no one can intimidate or underestimate them. This is because with confidence you have won before the insecurity battle ever started. how to be confident with yourself

While being confident in your skin is not about proving points to whom it may concern, you’d agree that there are a million and one things that always seem to tug at our self esteem in an attempt to rip it into pieces. It is in the face of these hurdles that you must always show up with a confident smile and say to yourself, “I am enough” and actually mean it.

Here are practical ways you can be more confident in your skin…

1. Live life on your terms


It’s so easy to wear make up, snap back or dress up just so you can be accepted by society, however, the real freedom is to do your thing and don’t care if anyone likes it. If you want to lose weight or look great all the time, there’s nothing wrong with that, nonetheless, if deep down you’d rather be bare faced diving into your favorite beef burger, by all means.

While I’m an ardent promoter of healthy lifestyle, I also recognize there’s a balance and a right motive for it as well. When the sun sets, the curtain fades and the masks are removed and hung on the wall where they belong. You’re the only one who lives with you. So live your best life, the world will adjust eventually.

2. Do it anyway


Confidence is doing it anyway irrespective of whatever fear you may have. You might want to start a vlog but you stammer,  you might want to attend that family dinner but that baby fat won’t let you just dress up and go. Or perhaps, that acne is the reason you avoid video calls and you can’t be found dead without stilettos because you’re too petite. The list of your endless insecurities will keep on hindering you from achieving your goals and being confident in your skin. how to be confident with yourself

Sometimes, you have to just do it anyway and watch life align. Irrespective of how you might feel about yourself, pushing forward whether you’re comfortable or not will only make you aware of your inner strength and help you discover that you’re much more than you give yourself credit for. Just do it!

3. Block out media opinions


Stereotypes are as old as time. The perfect unrealistic model on the front page of magazines and billboards has us running to apps to hide that big bulge and freckles. There are more people like you in reality and heck! Even that Instagram model doesn’t look like that in real life. It is all controlled content and we need to understand that it’s all “camera, lights, action…” Far from reality!

Do you really think she’s walking around her house with those heels, heavy makeup and corset all the time? I bet you she’s just as sweatpants-couch sitting as you right now. And really, if someone has great skin, ask for her routine and move on. It’s not healthy to dwell on it and remind yourself how you’ve popped at least five pimples on your face this week. The media shouldn’t help you decide if you’re beautiful or not.

4. Detoxify your space


Imagine always being in an environment with people who are not even comfortable in their own skin, where body shaming, eating disorders from weight insecurity and obsessing over Kim Kardashian’s body is the order of the day, there shall low self esteem abound. These might eventually get to you and make you start to feel inadequate. how to be confident with yourself

If you convince yourself that you’ve not met the right partner because of your looks or blame your flabby arms for your spouse’s cheating spree, then there’s a deeper issue you should address. When next you feel that way, remember that “average” looking person in your neighborhood who nailed an Idris Elba or Beyoncé.

Stay away from people who aid your insecurities. Spend your time doing things that make you proud of yourself instead. You can also try meditating, taking walks, sitting by the beach, doing yoga and generally maintaining a healthy spirit. Protecting your energy and ensuring nothing negative seeps into your space is definitely a sure way of becoming more confident in your skin. 

5. Find a tribe


Nature abhors a vacuum. After purging yourself of negative people, try surrounding yourself with people who not only accept you, but appreciate you for who you truly are. There’s so much relief in going ahead to be yourself. Knowing you’re not alone and that there are people who love and value you is really that nudge we all need to grab life by the horns. It is also a great added push towards peace of mind. 

So surround yourself with confident people who are quite secured in their own skin. You’ll definitely rub off their energy. how to be confident with yourself

Ultimately, finding and loving yourself is the foundation to becoming more confident in your skin and you’re the only one who can do this for yourself.

Here are other things you can do to boost your self-confidence…

  • Visualize yourself as your highest self
  • Affirm yourself
  • Do one thing that scares you every day
  • Question your inner critic 
  • Dedicate a special time for self-care everyday
  • Help someone else

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