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How To Attract The Right Guy With An Intentionally Curated IG Feed

How To Attract The Right Guy With An Intentionally Curated IG Feed



t’s easy to tell a lot about an individual simply through their IG feed. From the way it’s curated to the content and consistency of posts, it all goes to say more about you than words would ever do. This is why you have to be intentional about the controlled content you put out there, especially when you’re trying to attract the right guy.

Other than attracting the right guy, a well-curated IG feed is also a way to showcase the true you. When this is in place, individuals and brands alike who are drawn to originality will certainly want to be associated with you. An intentionally curated IG feed is beyond stellar images and mind blowing vacay videos, it also shows that there are other fabulous sides of you worth knowing and this piques the curiosity of any serious minded man.

Check out 5 ways to attract the right guy with an intentionally curated IG feed…

#1. Share your passion

Photo: Kampus Production | Pexels

This might sound sublime, but having an IG page with HD images and striking poses of you alone might make you seem self-absorbed and superficial. A person might visit and say “she sure is fine but what else?” By sharing your passion, you strike a good balance and thus, showcase other interesting parts of your personality. When you do this, it sure would attract the right guy and people of like interests you could partner with. Win-win!

#2. Show off your strengths

Photo: Burst | Pexels

It’s totally alright to show that you have your life together and you’re holding down your career or business. An IG post showing you in a proper ensemble ready to hit the streets speaks volumes, it’s really loud.

#3. Curate an IG feed that shows you’re into family

Photo: Dylan Sauerwein | Unsplash

Obviously, if you’re seeking to attract the right guy, it means you’re thinking about getting serious and maybe starting a family someday. Bearing this in mind, then you can surely spare some space on your page to make “happy birthday,” as well as “mother’s and father’s day” posts occasionally.

#4. Share both your classy and fun side

Photo: Brandon T. Leigh | Pexels

We know you’re the independent classy woman who’s got her own, but the best bet is to have a perfect blend between classy and sexy. Too classy might not get the desired effect, and neither will too sexy do it. Most men want a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets and every woman has the tendency to be both. Therefore, intentionally fuse both on your perfectly curated IG feed. You don’t know who is watching

#5. Show confidence

Photo: George Milton | Pexels

You might have a lot going on with you but lack the confidence to portray it properly. There’re right ways to give off positive vibes and confidence and you can do it through captions, the poses you strike, body language as well as command of speech in videos. Confidence in yourself and what you represent is a surefire way to attract the right guy for you.

The principal message here is to be yourself and automatically attract the right people you can do life with.

Featured image: Maddi Bazzocco | Unsplash

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