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Melania Might Have Stolen The Spotlight At The NATO Reception But The Queen Is The Original Queen Of Colours

Melania Might Have Stolen The Spotlight At The NATO Reception But The Queen Is The Original Queen Of Colours


This week, various heads of state were in London for the NATO summit – and Britain’s royal family did a great job hosting them. Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton, Prince Charles, and several other Windsors attended a reception at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the alliance’s 70th anniversary with Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and many other foreign leaders taking part in the royal reception. How old is Queen Elizabeth in 2020? Find out this and more.

It is believed that there’s a certain dressing etiquette to be followed when visiting the  94-year-old monarch but the First Lady of the United States Melania Trump’s vibrant outfit definitely did not follow it. 


Looking like she’s coming straight off the runway, the former fashion model wore a vivid calf-length, canary-yellow Valentino cape with a long-sleeved fuchsia dress and matching suede Christian Louboutin pumps. Melania’s outfit definitely stole the spotlight from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who unlike her usual brightly coloured outfits, donned a faded green two-piece ensemble with swirl patterns on it. 


The Queen of England has never been one to hop from one fashion trend to the other. What she does is work her classic, practical and timeless style above the ever-changing world of fashion. This reason makes her a sartorial icon to many. Queen Elizabeth II excels at fashion and her clothes continue to reflect it.


The British monarch is well known for her vibrant coloured suits, jackets and extravagant hats. She always stands out in radiant ensembles and looks royally chic in every of her look. Her stylists have always ensured she looks very pleasing while accommodating a splash of colour.

One thing is for sure about the queen’s style, once she is comfortable with something, she sticks with it. This can be seen with the shoe brand she has stuck with for the past 50 years, Anello & Davide and also her famous classic Launder handbag.

With her shoes, according to the Queen’s longtime personal assistant and senior dresser, Angela Kelly, tells it all in her memoir, titled The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe. The memoir reveals intimate details about her work with Her Majesty.

According to Angela, the Queen “avoids blisters and barking dogs thanks to Kelly, who personally wears her new shoes in order to stretch them out seeing as they wear the same shoe size and Her Majesty simply doesn’t have the time to stretch her own shoes out.”

Queen Elizabeth II style rave

In recent months, the queen has been sticking to her fashion staple of a colourful coat dress. She accessorizes each look with a hat to match, gloves and pearls on her neck. Queen Elizabeth II has managed to keep her signature fashion look modern yet classic even as she favours every colour of the rainbow.

Check out some of Queen Elizabeth II’s most colourful and best fashion moments over the years…

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

Photo credit: IG | Hm.queenelizabeth Find out how old is the queen of england.

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Find out how old is the queen of england who has ruled for 68 years.

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