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Burgeoning Designer Hertunba Releases The Gift Collection For Christmas

Burgeoning Designer Hertunba Releases The Gift Collection For Christmas


Hertunba’s The Gift collection is inspired by the colors and festive mood of the season of Christmas. Each piece in this collection has been intentionally crafted to complement the respective complexion and curves of its wearer. Some of the fabrics, carefully chosen, simulate the shine of exquisite wrapping paper.

The goal of The Gift collection is to make the Hertunba woman look as sophisticated as possible and to remind her––and others––that her presence is a worthy gift that must be appreciated and adored. The collection which consists of 12 looks features dresses, suits, and more.

Hertunba’s | The Gift Collection

#1. Ituen Red Rose Blazer Dress


This blazer mini dress is made from fine, soft silk damask fabric. It features a zipper in the front that adds spice to your look. The Ituen blazer Dress comes in the deepest shade of scarlet and a velvety black that ensures that the wearer looks alluring.

#2. Emotan Red Cold Suit


Made from embroidered damask and crumpled taffeta, this elegant suit is designed to make you look very sophisticated with just a hint of sexy. The structure, slits, and colors of this suit command an aura of charisma and power just like the great Lady Emotan.

#3. Moremi Ankara Dress. Hertunba The Gift.


Made from Ankara fabric, this A-line dress features delicate beading designs inspired by the work of the ancient Benin kingdom. Fit for royalty, the structured and exaggerated hip details also draw inspiration from the fashion style of the ancient Benin monarchy. Hertunba woman, The Gift collection.

#4. Sisi Rose Slip Set


This set is made out of fine, silk fabric with a beautiful rose print. Sensual and flirtatious, the cowl neck slip cami pairs perfectly with the simple mini skirt. This gorgeous set is designed to make the wearer feel feminine and sexy.


#5. Muna Gold Slip Dress

With spaghetti straps and an asymmetrical cut, this elegant slip dress is made from soft, lustrous damask fabric embossed with flowers. Inspired by gold in its purest form, the Muna Slip dress is a perfect fit for this festive season.

#6. Kilimanjaro Kimono. Hertunba The Gift.


The Kilimanjaro Kimono is a lovely shade of green, in line with the colors of the season. Made from fine silk fabric with paisley and tribal prints, this kimono can be belted and worn on its own or worn to complete another outfit.

#7. Elle Electric Dress


As the name suggests, the Elle Dress appears electric. Its avant-garde style employs a shimmery blue net fabric along with fairy lights to simulate the appearance of electricity or that of a Christmas tree. Hertunba woman, The Gift.

#8. Jade Green Blazer Dress

True to its name, this jade green blazer dress is structured to give you that boss look. With an oversized fit, this dress has a surprising detail: the short sleeves are continued by a deep green net fabric which gives the blazer dress a unique fit.

#9. Gilda Plain Red Dress

Made from thick crepe fabric, this sexy blazer dress is guaranteed to make you feel feminine and powerful. With a zipper and a corset detail in the front, and also a silk corset tie at the back, it accentuates the curves of its wearer.


#10. Ocha Ankara Fusion Trench Dress


The Ocha Fusion dress is made from Ankara and plain cotton fabric. This trench style dress with mid-length sleeves and a single pocket in front can be belted at the waist, classic trench style. The Ankara fabric is patterned to look like fireworks, in tune with the celebratory season.


#11. Sera Silk Dress Shirt

The Sera silk dress made from delicate silk satin fabric in sultry scarlet. With its cowl neck and poet sleeves, this simple red silk dress is guaranteed to make the wearer feel sensual and elegant.

#12. Kimani Dress. Hertunba The Gift.

Made from the same silk fabric as the Kilimanjaro Kimono, this floaty mono-strap maxi dress features a fine beaded strap. With slits up both sides, the Kimani Dress adds a certain allure to the appearance of its wearer.

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