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Harmattan Is Here! 4 Tips On How To Care For Your Hair This Dry Season

Harmattan Is Here! 4 Tips On How To Care For Your Hair This Dry Season


Having travelled to Abuja over the weekend, it clearly dawned on me that Harmattan is here again! Not only did my nose complain about the sudden change in atmospheric conditions, my hair was also crying foul and needless to say, I was not prepared for this. My hair felt dry, brittle and even started breaking in just one day and I knew it was time to change my haircare regimen.

As the weather changes, it is important to change your hair regimen and we all know that the Harmattan period is the period of the year that is characterised by cold, dry and dust-laden wind with wide fluctuations in the ambient temperatures of day and night.

Harmattan doesn’t do much good for our skin and hair so it’s important to take some extra beauty measures to help combat the harsh effects of the weather. In light of this, here are some tips on how to care for your hair in the best possible way all through this season.

Hair care tips during Harmattan…

1. Reduce wash frequency

Washing natural hair

Reduce washing of hair to once or twice a week as washing strips hair of its natural oils and further dries it out. Preferably use a hydrating shampoo and moisturising conditioner.

2. Condition!


Ensure you moisturise your hair every day with a moisturising hair cream mixed with natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter to prevent flaking and split ends. After being exposed to the heat and sun, always replenish moisture in your hair by applying a hydrating leave-in treatment that softens, promotes manageability and shine, while busting frizz. Also, be sure to do a deep conditioning treatment every two weeks or as needed to rejuvenate your locks.

3. Wear protective styles


Wear your hair in protective styles to protect your ends from drying and breaking off. To avoid excessive breakage of your natural hair, you need to have low to-no manipulation and a very good way to achieve that is by putting your hair in a protective style. There are different styles and types of protective styling, for example, braiding, crochet braiding, wigs and more. So it’s a matter of personal preference but my go-to method of protective styling is having braids on as it means longer wear.

4. Retain moisture!

Kharyzma Raphael

When washing, use cold water as hot water strips off moisture from your hair. Don’t completely dry your hair to retain a bit of moisture. Avoid gels and switch to creams as they help you retain moisture better. While light oils may have worked for you during the warmer months, they may not work as well for you now. Switch to heavier oils like olive, avocado or castor or a thick butter like shea to lock in that moisture during these drier months. Also, don’t forget your satin bonnet or scarf as they serve as an added protective measure. Scarves, hats and other hair accessories are your hair’s best friend this season. They offer protection for your hair and are very fashionable too.

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