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5 Ultra Chic Hairstyles To Start The New Year With

5 Ultra Chic Hairstyles To Start The New Year With


The new year signifies changes and new beginnings and that’s always welcome when it comes to fashion and beauty. Considering that trends are rapidly shifting with the old making way for the new, there’s surely no reason you should get stuck in the past. While we understand that preferences differ, we can all agree that excitement is more than welcome, especially in this new year. As a result, we’ll be sharing some trendy hairstyles for Black women that are perfect to begin 2022.  

What makes this lineup super exciting is that there’s a hairstyle for every woman. Whether you prefer edgy takes or classical options, you’ll certainly find something that pleases you. In addition, these hairstyles are versatile enough to fit most faces. Of course, that includes yours too. That is to say, both round and oval, square and diamond, each woman will have her features accentuated with these trendy hairstyles for Black women. 

Check out 5 great hairstyles for Black women to kick off 2022 in…

#1. Short hair

If you’ve had the same predictable hairstyles year in and out, now’s a good time for a fresh look. Short hair is undoubtedly a tried, tested, and proven way to take things up a notch when it comes to exciting hairstyles. Other than that, they fit every face shape so we can bet you’ll find one that suits you. 

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#2. Locs

By now, you know that locs have become a staple in the hairstyle world. Although we have no idea what caused the sudden rush of interest, many attribute its recent fame to style star, Rihanna. It makes no difference whether or not this is accurate, but we can all agree that this hairdo commands an edgy aura that can’t be ignored. You can still take that edge a tad further by incorporating some interesting accessories to the look. 

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#3. Fulani braids

This protective hairstyle has all the markings of a Black girl’s fave. Not only does it protect your hair, but it’s relatively easy to do and also comes in a variety of options. What’s more, several influencers are riding this boat and thus, it wouldn’t be slowing down anytime soon. So, if options, trend, and hair protection is what you seek, add the Fulani braids to your 2022 hairstyle lineup.

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#4. A classic up-do

Let’s take a moment to respect this hairstyle that never goes out of style. Whether you look through the 60s, 80s, or this past 2021, this hairstyle for Black women is as relevant as ever. While a simple classic bun can be the easiest option to explore, you can get creative with weaves, ponytails, braids, and even your natural hair.

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#5. Afro

Sometime in 2021, the afro witnessed a resurrection with celebs and influencers opting to take a spin at it. Many thought the hype would cool down over time, and boy were they wrong! Everywhere we look, many women are flocking to this 80s sensation and best believe it’ll hold up the hype through 2022. So, if this is one hairstyle you’re yet to rock, there’s no reason you should keep putting it off.

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