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SR International: Gwen Stefani Talks Holidays, Make-Up Tutorials, Life After ‘The Voice,’ And More

SR International: Gwen Stefani Talks Holidays, Make-Up Tutorials, Life After ‘The Voice,’ And More


Gwen Stefani and her husband, country singer Blake Shelton, have been partners in life and work since meeting as coaches on “The Voice” in 2014. Now that he’s gearing up for his final season on the NBC singing competition show, Ms. Stefani, 53—who reportedly has a net worth of $160 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth—is also thinking about what’s next. Gwen Stefani Net Worth

Right now, the Grammy Award-winning singer is preparing for her New Year’s Eve performances in Las Vegas, working on her makeup line, GXVE Beauty, and gardening with Mr. Shelton. “We can come together on that, because I love flowers so much and he has so much land out there,” she said of the couple’s home in Oklahoma, where they live with her children Kingston, 16; Zuma, 14; and Apollo, 8, when they aren’t in Los Angeles. “We’ll do fields of things. We’re just sitting there waiting for it to rain.”

Here are a few things Gwen Stefani revealed to WSJ. Magazine…

On what time she gets up on Mondays, and the first thing she does after waking up:

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I usually wake up at 7 a.m., because I have the kids. They go to school, so it’s the whole, “Come on, let’s go! Let’s brush your teeth!” Nobody likes Monday morning.

On whether her routines are different when filming ‘The Voice’:

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We get up, we have our [hair and makeup], which is always my favorite. When you shoot, you’re shooting like five days, and then you’re just dead at the end. It’s very emotional too, each phase of it. Gwen Stefani Net Worth

On her fan who was pushed onto the subway tracks and survived, recounting in a story that she owed her life to climbing onstage at her concerts:

It’s Maddie [Cole]. I know her and I follow her. In fact, I just saw her right when we left The Drew Barrymore Show. She’s come to a million of my shows, she dresses like me. I don’t follow a ton of fans, but a few years ago when I was doing the Vegas show, I started following people randomly. Then you think you know them because you see them every day. She happens to be one of them.

The fact that that happened to her, I was like, “You need to move out of the city.”

On the most surprising thing she learned about launching her makeup line:

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The community. Blake and I will lay in bed and watch the tutorials of people that would take a palette and see what they would create with it.

I’ve gotten to dabble in so many different things, whether it be songwriting or designing fashion with L.A.M.B. and then Harajuku. This is different because it’s starting a business—those were licenses. I’m just not a business person. I grew up barely making it through high school. Everything I’ve done has been so much luck. With this, I feel almost like I’m smart enough to be able to do this now.

On whether she has Blake’s Sexiest Man Alive People cover framed at home:

We don’t. That’s a good idea. You know what we do have? When we built our house last year in Oklahoma, one of the bathrooms going out to the pool is every single tabloid cover, made into wallpaper. You go in there and you’re like, “Oh my God.” It’s pretty funny.

On the odds of a No Doubt reunion:

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What are the odds of anything? I was just on The Drew Barrymore Show. She was one of my favorite celebrities when I was a little girl, and now I was just on the show with her. Anything can happen. I have no idea what’s going to happen with No Doubt. We haven’t really talked about doing anything, but it feels like everyone is, right? All the ’90s people—Blink-182 did an eight-month tour that sold out in like five minutes.

On her favorite holiday traditions:

Blake likes to make new traditions every year. We do this thing called a timpano dome, which is an Italian dome, it’s kind of like a lasagna within a pizza. We’ve been doing that ever since I met him. It was in a famous movie [Big Night]. You can put anything in it. Gwen Stefani Net Worth

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Featured Image: Courtesy of Gwen Stefani via WSJ. Magazine

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