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Goodbye ‘Rat-Chop Hair’: Natural Oils for Regrowing Your Edges Fast! | SR Beauty

Goodbye ‘Rat-Chop Hair’: Natural Oils for Regrowing Your Edges Fast! | SR Beauty


Ever felt bad about not being able to rock an up-do right after you take out your braids? Have your edges been a constant source of ridicule from day 1? By day 1 I’m talking since birth or after child birth. If so, you’re in luck, as we’ve got you covered!

Knowing how delicate and important your edges are, especially in times such as this where full lustrous edges are required for most hairstyles. You can scoff and blame whoever is responsible for the popularity of baby hair, or you could get into action and embark on your hair growth journey. With only a few more weeks to the yuletide, here are 5 natural oils whose properties have just what your edges need to grow out fast (you don’t want to risk scanty edges ruining your Christmas hair now, do you?)

It is wise to note that results will always vary from one individual to the next and while one oil may not work its magic on your hair, it just might for your sister or best friend. If you’re a bit impatient like I am, with little or no time for trial and error, go ahead and combine all 5 oils. Yeah I said it! mix and apply all 5 oils; after all, they’re natural so what do you have to loose?

1 | Coconut Oil 


This multi-purpose oil can be used for almost any and everything. Coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft, seals in moisture and prevents frizz, ultimately making it one of the best oils for damaged hair.

2 | Castor Oil


It is a great humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the air into your hair and locks it in. It also has superb anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help stimulate the scalp thus allowing the up-shoot of new hair follicles.

3 | Olive Oil


Deeply penetrative, olive oil is rich in fatty acids which protects your hair from dandruff, prevents drying and acts as a sealant. Little wonder it is used in most DIY hair mixes.

4 | Jojoba Oil


This oil is popular for being the closet oil to human sebum. It is a natural conditioner and can be applied as a leave-in-conditioner to damaged hair.

5 | Hemp Seed Oil


Extracted from the seeds of the infamous Indian Hemp aka Cannabis. This oil conditions the hair, retains moisture while the lipids in the oil enhance elasticity and increases shine.

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