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Ghana’s Afua Rida Is The Fashionable Girl Next Door You Should Know

Ghana’s Afua Rida Is The Fashionable Girl Next Door You Should Know

Afua Rida is a fashion influencer, stylist and consultant and as one of the most influential fashion bloggers in West Africa, the Ghanaian beauty has over 117k followers on Instagram alone.

Afua is known as one of the driving forces behind fronting her country’s fashion industry. With a portfolio that boasts of collaborations with big African fashion brands like Nigeria’s Lanre Da Silva, South Africa’s Maxhosa and Ghana’s Christie Brown, you could say that Afua is not just about showcasing fashion in Ghana but she’s playing in a much bigger field.

According to Afua Rida

“I’m very passionate about showcasing fashion from Africa through my blog. So, I like to tell stories about their fashion through my styles”

Why the Ghanaian has quickly stood out was not so much her obvious love for fashion but the exciting and detailed way in which she curates her content. Her drive and passion to highlight Africa’s impact on fashion landed her a feature on CNN’s African Voices.

Her journey started in August of 2015 with no major expectations; she just wanted a place to express how she lives her life in “colours and styles.” Today, she has become a shining light on creativity and self-confidence. In 2016, she won the Fashion Blogger of the Year award at Glitz Style Awards, a big win – just a year after she started her creative journey.

This award was the extra push she needed. Although at that time styling and blogging was a relatively new concept in Ghana, she was determined to prove herself even though her family frowned upon her new career at first. Now she’s forged a notable path not just for herself but for others and of course she’s doing it all with a graceful, relatable and effortless approach to style.

Here are some of our favourite looks of Afua Rida’s style servings…

Photo Credit: IG | Afuarida

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