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Femme Essentials: A Look At The Latest Fashion Trends For Women Right Now

Femme Essentials: A Look At The Latest Fashion Trends For Women Right Now

Being unapologetically unique in more ways than one is a key quality the modern-day fashionista embodies. Thankfully, the latest fashion trends for women this year have been nothing short of chic and consistent. From milkmaid tops to mini and midi ruched dresses that give your closet the fierce detailing it needs, 2019 came with a major style wave and we’ve got you covered!

With a variety of designs, fits and colours that scream style and individuality, there’s a fad for everyone. These staple pieces take you from formal to casual effortlessly, while also giving you the day to night essentials you need.

Here are 7 of the latest fashion trends for women…

#1. The Ruched Dress Trend

Photo: Toke Makinwa | Instagram

In all of its soft and structured glory, the ruched dress trend is simply elegant. This ’80s inspired look gives a flattering and well-defined silhouette, accentuating curves in a sleek and easy way. It’s undeniably a favourite as style stars like Kim Kardashian and Toke Makinwa in recent times have been spotted rocking the trend. If paired with the right accessories and footwear, this fashion-forward piece can be transformed to taste.

#2. The Oversized Blazer Trend

Photo: Jennie Jenkins | Instagram

If there’s one thing about streetwear that sets it apart in fashion today, it’s its redefining nature. The oversized blazer trend maintains a sizzling streak within its scene, reflecting a fusion of casual and high-end style. As a contemporary fad, its style game can be taken a step further with a play of prints, body-hugging under layers and statement accessories.

#3. The Bootcut Trend

Photo: Marii Pazz | Instagram

As a retro-style classic that continues to steal the hearts of stylistas everywhere, the bootcut jeans is a hot must-have. The denim trend projects a flared and cosy fit that can be styled in multiple ways. Slowly making a reputable comeback, it’s safe to say that this baddie (in a good way) is very much in its own right a timeless wardrobe necessity.

#4. The Bodysuit Trend

Photo: Beverly Naya | Instagram

Taking over the commercial scene with its multifunctional nature, the bodysuit trend is a modish go-to for every stylish babe. Popularly worn in animal prints and polished colours, this prominent piece gives lounge-inspired fashion an interesting luxe. The body-hugging one-piece can be coupled with a pair of high-waist jeans or a leather mini skirt, giving a classy and trendy aesthetic.

#5. The Milkmaid Trend

Photo: Marii Pazz | Instagram

Rapidly making its way to the top of the fashion sphere, the milkmaid trend swears by the “comfort can be sexy” rule of fashion. With a sweetheart or square neckline, corset detail and puffy sleeves, the ensemble gives off a subtle hint of fancy and laidback vibes. Well suited for both formal and informal occasions, it elegantly stands out on our list of the latest fashion trends for women today.

#6. Latex Dress

Photo: Toke Makinwa | Instagram

Perfect for a night out in the town, the latex dress trend is the showstopping steeze you want on lockdown. On its way to becoming a favourite as one of the latest fashion trends for women, the sexy and classy fit of this apparel makes it a showstopper. Matched with a pair of refined heels and detailed accessories, its ‘fabulousness’ knows no bounds.

#7. The Shirt Dress Trend

Photo: Jess Hunt | Instagram

By spicing up your workwear wardrobe and giving minimalistic fashion a twist, the shirt dress trend is here to stay. With a darling fit that can be rocked in any colour or unconventional design, it gives a new and elegant definition to the saying “less is more.”

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