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Lagos Lately: See The Refreshing Fashion Offerings Spotted On Nigerian Style Stars

Lagos Lately: See The Refreshing Fashion Offerings Spotted On Nigerian Style Stars



he power of fashion is its ability to tell a story at the snap of a finger. With the right outfit, you can play up your girl boss vibe, and with another, you can unleash your sexy side. This magic of versatility is what Nigerian celebrities and style influencers have mastered, offering a wide array of fashionable delights to please even the weariest of eyes. As these stars go about their business, they show without missing that they know how to tell a tale or two through the pages of fashion.

Let’s explore 7 captivating outfits of fashionable Naija celebrities and influencers…

#1. Floral sass

Photo: @chiomagoodhair/Instagram

Everyone who follows Chioma Ikokwu on Instagram knows that she never misses out on updating her followers with breathtaking fashion choices. The lawyer and entrepreneur, who lives a super luxurious life, always gives off sexy, sensual, alluring, and even bossy vibes through her statement outfits. Recently, she made an upgrade to the sassy girl aesthetic. On a vacation in Greece, the public figure donned a one-sleeve floral dress with cut-out details. A floral dress is a symbol of femininity, while the cutouts and one sleeve add the right dose of sassiness.


#2. Correctly snatched

Photo: @ariyiikedimples/Instagram

Ariyike Olowolagba is a fashion enthusiast steadily buzzing with looks and a delightful aura. Recently, we spotted the actress in a delightful form-fitting number featuring mono-sleeve and dainty pink flowers. The simplicity of her look is what makes it a hit, and her black strappy heels, clutch, and dainty jewelry upped the vibe. 

#3. Bossy greens

naija-fashion: Fashionable Naija Celebrities
Photo: @mimionalaja/Instagram

Popular TV presenter, Mimi Onalaja has shown us that she’s a rich aunty with classic midi and maxi dresses, and also a two-piece custom outfit with a stunning wrap-round turban. But this time, she stole our hearts in this green tailored blazer, lime-green heels, and a purple mini bag. An equal amount of bossiness and chicness. By repurposing a traditionally structured blazer into a dress, Mimi combines tailored sophistication with innovation. This new look is a welcome addition to her style as we know it.

#4. Neutral elegance

Photo: @oliviaarukwe/Instagram

As a fashion creative, Olivia Arukwe knows how to spice up this fashion world with statement outfits. Recently, she inspired us with this off-white two-piece outfit by Y’ Wandelag. The ensemble features a button-down shirt that boasts an intriguing rope embellishment that elegantly graces the shoulders, as well as loosely-fitted striped pants, black pumps, and a Chanel bag. The combination exudes a refined and sophisticated aura while maintaining an appreciation for understated luxury.

#5. Poised in pastel

naija-fashion: Fashionable Naija Celebrities
Photo: @powedeawujo/Instagram

Bold-colored outfits have a way of bringing out the fearless and unbeatable aura in us. But some pastel colors depict a poised, calm demeanor. One outfit to explain the concept is this two-piece outfit by Emmy Kasbit for Powede Awujo. The sheer purple blouse and lilac aso-oke midi skirt hit the mark without error. This ensemble exudes a soft charm with its harmonious blend of lilac and purple tones, while the sheer blouse adds an element of sensuality. 


#6. Proud and pristine

Photo: @lindaosifo/Instagram

Some dresses stand out without lifting a finger, and that’s the case with this white number on Linda Osifo. Linda is one of the fashionable Nigerian celebrities with a penchant for bold colors and styles. But for her birthday photo shoot, she opted for a crisp white one-sleeve dress with embellishments. The regal number by TBally certainly transformed Linda from a trendy queen in bold colors to an irresistible fashion icon in a simple but enchanting take. Whatever side of the color palette she spins works perfectly.

#7. Sisi Eko

naija-fashion: Fashionable Naija Celebrities
Photo: @nancyisimeofficial/Instagram

Everybody knows Nancy Isime loves to win Ankara fashion. Being a brand ambassador of Hollantex, an Ankara fabric brand, it’s no doubt why she always slays the African way on her talk show, The Nancy Isime Show. This latest offering flaunts a corset peplum top with detailed sleeves paired with a fitted mini skirt. She red sandals she rocked with it matched the details of her outfit. If Sisi Eko (Lagos Girl) was a person, it’s definitely Isime.

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