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The Fashion Engineer! OGO OFFODILE Is Every Inch A Geeky Fashionista

The Fashion Engineer! OGO OFFODILE Is Every Inch A Geeky Fashionista

Whoever said a female engineer cannot be super stylish has definitely not met Ogo Offodile. The Nigerian-born celebrity  stylist and entrepreneur has a passion for eclectic works and creative expressions. Ogo is a true definition of a #GirlBoss!

Ogo describes herself as being introverted, methodical, intended, and subtle in personality. However, her wardrobe does a complete switch and takes on the opposite of her personality. Her style is outgoing and explorative in nature and you are sure to find her pulling off artistic pieces with so much ease. For her, fashion is never an after-thought! Her creative influence has gained her so much recognition that when she is not styling Solange for the red carpet or Brandy for fashion editorials, she is regularly featured in Marie Claire, Vogue digital, Glamour, Harper Bazaar and In-Style amongst other top fashion platformss.

A peek into her superb wardrobe choices…

Photo credit: IG | Ogo_offodile

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