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Last Week’s Best Beauty Looks Were Mood Lifters

Last Week’s Best Beauty Looks Were Mood Lifters


What a week it has been! While countries in Africa continue to fight for change and America gears to vote, we’re glad that one thing remained constant; the refreshing power of women’s beauty. Last week, it was so exciting to see an array of faces of makeup and stunning hairstyles from black and Latina queens across the world. Best face of makeup 2020.


At the just concluded Miss South Africa 2020, host, Nomazamo Mbatha stole the show with her outfit changes, yet more exciting for us was the hair and makeup that tied all three looks together. Her structured hairdo stood atop her head like a crown of sorts. Yes queen, keep ruling! The best face of makeup and hairstyles 2020.

We’ve missed musician, Cassie on the music scene but be rest assured, she hasn’t been missing in the beauty department. She answered a loud present with her sleek hair that was pulled to one side of her face. Sleek, simple but prominent, and isn’t that how we all love beauty?

For boss chick, Karla Tobie, her crown was a bejeweled headband pulling her sleek hair backward. It was a perfect complement to her nude-inspired, lashes poppin’ makeup look.


We loved looking at the radiant smile of supermodel, Winnie Harlow. This smile lit up her matte brown smokey eyes. For the cover of Essence Girls United, black-ish star, Marsai Martins was a beauty with goofy smiles in her Shannon Pezzetta makeup looks. Her graphic eyeliner was a hit, and so were her other beauty looks!

Tell beauty influencer Alissa Ashley that we need tips on the perfect plump and glossy lips and smokey eye look. This appears to be her signature combo but we still cannot get enough of it. Besides her eyes, Alissa left everything else simple. Yass! We’re not sure what the question is but with a face like that, how can we possibly say no?

Check out last week’s best beauty looks…

Nomzamo Mbatha

Nomzamo Mbatha 2020 photos




Karla Tobie

Winnie Harlow


Olajumoke Kalejaye

Olajumoke Kalejaye


Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley face-of-makeup-best-beauty


Marsai Martin


Daniela Lopez Osorio


Nicky Bonna

Nicky Bonna Lately



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