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Emerging Fashion House TUBO Presents A Rich Debut Collection Titled “Le Premieré”

Emerging Fashion House TUBO Presents A Rich Debut Collection Titled “Le Premieré”

With a collection as rich and Rave-worthy as its debut line aptly titled “Le Premieré,” new fashion house TUBO has established itself as a brand that has come to not only stay but to add a unique flair to the creative direction of the Nigerian fashion industry.

Creating a cohesive collection that communicates a visual metaphor between the fragility, femininity, and strength of women, emerging anti-fictitious womenswear label, TUBO has released its first-ever offering inspired by the acknowledgment of who the woman is and how experiences have evolved her through and over time.


The collection features trendy and edgy designs of contemporary dresses, blouses, and jumpsuits in creative cuts and refined finishing.

TUBO’s creative director had this to say about their first collection:

“Portraying our thoughts using our color palette, designs, texture, and construction, the collection commits itself to the art of telling its story with wearable garments that personify the #TUBOwoman as one with a penchant for beautiful clothing that evokes more than just aesthetic but emotions.”

Take a look at the Le Premieré collection by Tubo…

_OP10669 Tobo











_OP11341 Tubo

_OP11127 Tubo


_OP11160 Tubo


_OP11091 Tubo


_OP11494 Tubo


_OP11420 Tubo


_OP11284 Tubo



_OP10864 Tubo



_OP10821 Tubo


_OP10773 Tubo

Creative Team

Designer: TUBO (@tubo__)
Photography: @emmanueloyeleke
Styling and Creative Direction: @thestyleinfidel
Makeup: @beautybybellamere
Hair: @hairbysleame
Model: @_ujumarshall

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