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Find The Perfect Sunglasses This Summer With 10 Ultra Hot Looks On Elisa Johnson

Find The Perfect Sunglasses This Summer With 10 Ultra Hot Looks On Elisa Johnson


W hen it comes to giving outfits the perfect amount of sass, class or pizazz, accessories have proven that they play that role in fashion. When it comes to the Summer season, sunglasses maintain a solid lead at the forefront of all things accessories! American fashion influencer and entrepreneur Elisa Johnson, daughter of Basketball Legend, Magic Johnson, has over the last few years proven that we can trust her when it comes to haute sunglasses inspiration.

Her Instagram feed is actively curated to highlight the best ways to style an outfit with the appropriate sunglasses. Alongside the 24-year-old’s personal adoration for the statement-making piece, her fashion-forward choices also make her a force to be reckoned with. 

Elisa Johnson rocking a sample from her upcoming capsule collection in Paris during the 2019 Fashion week

Pushing her creative limits further, Elisa’s love for the protective gear is one that she intends to explore, with an upcoming capsule collection in the works.

3 sunglasses lessons inspired by Elisa

#1. Variety is truly the spice of life

If there’s a common theme that can be learned from the style star’s taste in sunglasses, it’s the beauty of variety. Elisa doesn’t shy away from switching things up every now and then. Whether it’s aviator or tortoiseshell pieces, cat-eye or polarized lenses, she keeps and open mind and explores them all.

#2. Size matters

The ability of sunglasses to accentuate the face while redefining a look is something she embraces with size. As such, it’s great to keep in mind that picking out lenses can be influenced by the hairstyle you have on. Elisa often rocks a bang or pixie cut, and creates a balance by picking shades that complement her hair.

#3. Embody the season through colors

Colors are another factor to consider as seen on Elisa’s feed. This is essential as summer comes with a sense of fun, enthusiasm and a burst of freshness that can be adopted through sunglasses. For instance, reflective lenses with soft gold rims and tints of rose-gold, blue or yellow are perfect for this bright and sunny season. Embody the season with colorful eyewear!

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your post-lockdown slay or you’d like to uplift your mood with exciting trends this Summer, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 10 sunglasses to rock this Summer as inspired by Elisa Johnson…

Rimless Rectangles

green chanel Rimless sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses

cat-eye sunglasses

Oval Beauties

Elisa Johnson nude oval sunglasses summer trend latest accesories stylerave

Elisa Johnson oval sunglasses summer eyewear trend latest accessories stylerave

Mid-size Rectangle Sunglasses

Elisa Johnson mid square sunglasses summer eyewear stylerave

Clear Oversized Frames


Black and Gold Rectangles

Straight Edge Trapezoids


Photo Credit: Instagram | elisajohnson

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