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Quarantine Humor: These Sidewalk Arts Will Crack You Up

Quarantine Humor: These Sidewalk Arts Will Crack You Up


J oy has to be the first stage of this pandemic-induced quarantine. Popular Florida-based artist Casey Drake, who’s got to be the queen of sidewalk chalk art even agrees. At first joy welled up on your inside because girl-bye to that unbearable boss, nosy coworkers and body weakening traffic. Sidewalk chalk art ideas.

The first week was indeed bliss personified. You realized you haven’t lost your culinary touch with the way you took your time to enjoy a beautiful breakfast, you could see the first rays of sunshine seeping through your curtains and you didn’t go ballistic instead you smiled, stretched and snored even louder. ‘Welcome to the good life – you whispered.’ Sidewalk chalk art ideas.


The abandoned talents you forgot you had have been dusted and you can’t imagine how peaceful you’ve become. Then suddenly everything started going downhill when the number of infected people sky-rocked and the lockdown kept getting extended. Now you stare at old pictures of you enjoying the great outdoors and ask ‘God, when?’

Well, you’re not alone and the whole world can relate. To add some humor to this very tough season, Caseydrakemakes has us engaged as she paints our fave Disney characters on sidewalks, all while sensitizing us about COVID-19.

Check out these sidewalk chalk art and smile, you deserve it…

This is how we’re going grocery shopping henceforth. Put on your whole armor of protection, you’ll be needing them.


Here we are exhausted from too much rest, weary of social distancing and about to step out of our minds. Rapunzel says hi, she thinks we’re being cute. She must be low key rolling her eyes at us. ‘The nerve!’ Lol. Sidewalk chalk art ideas.


Look who’s got advice for us! Hank finally has his lecturing moment. We humbly comply with washing our hands and anything else to let this pandemic pass over us.


Dorothy was right after all. Please stay home. There are worse things than boredom; a virus may be?


Here’s to your wish finally coming through. We all have a bit of a sleeping beauty in us. We just needed a lockdown to unlock it. Really, what day of the week is it?


Is there still love in these streets? Of course! But this is how we’re turning up for that date or maybe just Zoom it. Sidewalk chalk art ideas.

two dogs eating noodles

This pandemic has us from worrying about what exactly to wear to the digital fashion week to just double checking (all the time) if there’s enough toilet paper. Oh the bare necessities of life!


Carol Baskin really? How inconsiderate could you get?

toilet roll challenge

According to Caseydrakemakes’ sidewalk arts, there are 5 stages of quarantine and I bet we can all relate. Sidewalk chalk art ideas.

#1. Fear 


When it went beyond speculations to facts backed up by figures, most of us went into panic mode and compulsory OCD. The entire aisle of cleaning products became empty in a matter of hours. Who would have thought?

#2. Sadness


“Okay it’s not funny anymore. Are you telling me that I won’t be able to queue up to get my favorite Burger and I won’t get to wear all those expensive gowns I bought for the Summer weddings? It can’t be!”

#3. Disgust


Urggh! Don’t you think those sweatpants need to be washed?

Kids: (screaming) Mom!

You: Dear lord! These kids won’t be the end of me” *Sigh*.

#4. Anger


“One more dish in the sink and someone’s going to the ER! Help! Let me out, I need to take in some sea breeze!” Sidewalk chalk art ideas.

don't panic

There’s light at the end of this tunnel, so don’t panic. We will be alright in no time, if we just stay home.

some time in the future

Caseydrakemakes’ sidewalk arts are just what we need to get our giggle on through this quarantine. A little humor hurts nobody. Stay safe! Easy sidewalk chalk art ideas.

Photo Credit: Instagram|Caseydrakemakes

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