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5 Dermatologist-approved Skincare Tips To Keep Dry Skin At Bay This Season

5 Dermatologist-approved Skincare Tips To Keep Dry Skin At Bay This Season



lthough dry skin occurs in any season, the cooler months, with the lack of humidity, tend to make dry skin pretty uncomfortable. From the annoying itches to the flaky patches and rough texture, it’s easy to see why dry skin remedy often becomes a main subject during the fall and winter seasons. If you battle this skin condition and are looking for some easy tips to keep your skin in check this season, then you’d be glad to know that we have just what you need. 

As stated earlier, the reason that dry skin seems to get out of hand in the cooler months is due to the reduced amount of humidity in the atmosphere. The less moisture content, the drier the skin, and vice versa. Therefore, the first step to ensuring that you and your delicate skin go through these months without losing it is to ensure that you moisturize properly. There are a ton of over-the-counter moisturizers available for both the face and body, many of which are affordable and work wonders. In other words, there’s no excuse why you should deprive your skin of the much-needed moisture it requires to thrive.

Beyond a good moisturizer, there are some things you can do at home to help improve the state of your skin. The good news is that these tips are pretty easy and they wouldn’t put a strain on your pocket. Yes, we know that your slay and “good time” is a must during the festivities so we made sure not to include anything that would jeopardize that. How about we dive in?

Check out 5 easy-to-do dry skin remedies to keep your skin in check in the cooler temps…

#1. Add humidity

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When the humidity in the air decreases, it’s time to invest in a humidifier. Regular use of a humidifier will add necessary moisture back into the air and into your skin. Place the humidifier in strategic places like your living room and bedroom to saturate the air with the moisture your skin craves.

#2. Cut down on cleansing

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During colder weather, you can get away with washing your face only once a day–in the evening. For a gentler approach to cleansing, try swapping your lathering cleanser for a creamy cleanser. Steer clear of any harsh bar soaps in the shower that are laden with detergents and fragrances, which can irritate the skin.

#3. Go warm, not hot

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Always keep showers and baths lukewarm—as opposed to hot—in the winter. Hot water strips natural oils and hydrators from the skin. Also, it’s advisable to close the door when you’re taking a bath or shower to trap the steam in the bathroom so your skin can soak it in. Although this dry skin remedy is free, it packs a punch in its effectiveness.

#4. Apply moisturizer when the skin is damp

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The best time to apply moisturizers, creams, or lotions is when your skin is still damp—ideally within 10 minutes of showering in order to trap water molecules onto the skin. If you let your skin completely dry before using your moisturizer, you deprive the product of the opportunity to seep into your skin to deliver the moisture it needs.

#5. Don’t ignore your lips

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Your lips get dry, too so keep a lip balm close at hand at all times. The best way to treat dry, cracked lips is with a lip balm that will really help your lips retain moisture. While there are a ton of lip balms available, many experts agree that Vaseline also works wonders. 

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