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Dirty Computer: The Album And The Film By JANELLE MONÁE | WATCH!

Dirty Computer: The Album And The Film By JANELLE MONÁE | WATCH!

Janelle Monáe is definitely from the future! I refuse to believe otherwise. She has always been a sci-fi/fantasy fan and sees this as a means to express how it feels to be an outcast. From being Cindi Mayweather, The ArchAndroid and The Electric Lady, Janelle shows that she’s no longer an android though — she’s a human being ready to be seen for exactly who she is in the Dirty Computer album released last Thursday.

The album which features Pharrell, Brian Wilson and Zoë Kravitz, was also released with an “emotion picture” dazzling new short film Dirty Computer.

The 46-minute film is visually arresting and filled with sterling electro-pop from the record. According to Rolling Stone, on Dirty Computer, Janelle Monáe plays with the conventions and totems of dystopian sci-fi to speak her truth and promote a cultural shift toward a more inclusive and loving society – no matter what repressive government (whether real or fictional) is trying to crush that spirit. Monáe is speaking to the present, but for her, the future is now.

Watch the Dirty Computer film here…

Back to the Album…

Every song on the 14 track album is a joy to listen to, so it’s been hard picking a favourite. I’ve had ‘I Got The Juice’, ‘PYNK’, ‘Crazy, Classic, Life’, ‘Dirty Computer’, ‘Take A Byte’, ‘Screwed’ on steady repeat. Hey! I’m a true fan. This album by the Pansexual musician will go down as a milestone, not just as a work of art in its own right, but as the perfect celebration of queerness, female power, and self-worth.

Watch PYNK, Django Jane and Make Me Feel here…

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