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Denim Day 2021: Here’s Your Denim on Denim Fix – 20 Haute Looks!

Denim Day 2021: Here’s Your Denim on Denim Fix – 20 Haute Looks!

3 black women show how to wear denim on denim on denim day 2021

When it comes to the art of fluidity in fashion, fabrics stay at the forefront of style as they embody the powerful effect of versatility. One textile that continues to prove this in the most fashionable ways possible is the evergreen and ever-cool denim. With consistency in redefining edgy ensembles, and the ability to give off refined, retro, and contemporary vibes all at once, the denim on denim trend remains a stunner in the fashion scene. For Denim Day 2021, we take a look at the popular fabric’s role in sexual assault awareness.

About Denim Day 

Denim Day takes place annually on the last Wednesday of April, which is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. On this day of action, people are encouraged to wear denim to fight against victim blaming and create awareness about sexual violence. The day came about following a high profile Italian rape trial where the survivor was blamed for her rape because of the type of jeans she was wearing. In protest and solidarity, individuals were encouraged to wear denim to combat the idea that rape and sexual violence are the fault or responsibility of survivors. nspired by these events, Patricia Giggans, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women (now Peace Over Violence), established Denim Day in Los Angeles in 1999.

According to reports, in 1992 in Muro Lucano, Italy, an 18 year old girl made a report that following her first driving lesson, the driving instructor, a 45-year-old man, drove her to an isolated area, forced her to get out of the vehicle, forcibly removed her jeans, and raped her. Immediately following the incident the girl alerted her parents and the police. The rapist was convicted and sentenced to a lesser charge of indecent exposure and the survivor appealed the sentence, which resulted in a subsequent conviction on all charges. The (then) convicted rapist appealed to the Italian Supreme Court, which overturned the conviction in a 1998 decision that argued that since the survivors jeans were very tight she must have participated in the rape.

The “jeans alibi” was used to argue that since the jeans were so tight, the only way to have gotten them off was if the survivor aided her attacker in removing her jeans, thus making the act consensual. The Italian Supreme Court stated in its decision “it is a fact of common experience that it is nearly impossible to slip off tight jeans even partly without the active collaboration of the person who is wearing them.” As of 2008, the Italian Supreme Court has overturned their findings, and there is no longer a “denim” defense to the charge of rape.

The Timelessness of Denim

By maintaining a hot streak in multiple colours, designs, and patterns, the sturdy fabric is a chic must-have and closet essential all year round. It effortlessly takes timeless staples like the classic jacket and pants / trousers to fashion-forward levels as they are redesigned into contemporary pieces like the split hem and distressed pants, bandeau and milkmaid tops, and oversized silhouettes.

Naomi Campbell in Sacai Official for Guardian Weekend

Showcasing its transitional function in edgy and exquisite style, supermodel Naomi Campbell once rocked the timeless trend in layered finesse. Pairing a raw hem straight leg jean with a dainty oversized jacket by Japanese fashion brand Sacai, the fashion icon gave a new level of cool to the eternal denim on denim trend. 

Even Alicia Keys is a devout lover of the look.

Undeniably setting a tone for a comfortable, polished, and versatile take on fashion, the fabric holds a timeless appeal that seems to get better as it ages. It continues to give stylistas the capacity to make an outfit their own, by reinventing its fluidity in chic, authentic and fabulous ways.

If you’re looking for a tasteful fashion fix to upgrade your casual slay or some luxurious inspiration to revere, the revitalized double denim craze is your go-to.

Here’s how style influencers are rocking the denim on denim trend…

Bow Tie Shirt on Flare Pants

Claire Sulmers large bow tie shirt denim on denim boot-cut jeans
Claire Sulmers


Deep Blue Combo

Sazi_Hills deep blue denim on denim white shirt snakeskin pumps
Sazi_Hills / Fashion 53


Oversized Jacket x Culotte Jeans

Hint of glamour denim on denim yellow sweater patent leather boots style rave


Oversized Shirt x Shorts

Alero buttercop oversized jeans shirt jeans shorts green mules corset waist belt


Cropped Denim Jacket x Folded Pants

iamhannalashay deep blue cropped denim jacket stylerave


Corset Top x Balloon Pants

Sade Akinosho jeans corset top balloon pants the kemist store
Sade Akinosho


Corset Top, Asymmetric Jacket x Ripped Jeans

ZaMarLewis ripped jeans corset top oversized jacket denim on denim


Cropped Jacket x Highwaist Jeans

according to lillyskloset denim on denim cropped jacket highwaist jeans


Milkmaid Top x Ripped Jeans

edaowofashion milkmaid top distressed jeans stylerave


The Light Wash Pairing

Chrissy Rutherford light wash denim on denim grey snakeskin boots style rave
Chrissy Rutherford


Washed Denim x Distressed Shorts

 Lashoundra Young washed jeans oversized top distressed shorts stylerave
Lashoundra Young


Check out more chic ways to rock the denim on denim look…

Edited by Elfonnie Anusionwu

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