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These Classic Summer Shoe Trends Will Keep You In Order

These Classic Summer Shoe Trends Will Keep You In Order


B right outfits, hearty waves of laughter, backyard parties…these are a few of our favorite things about summer. Once summer hits with its whimsical escape, it always seems like we’ve had it on speed dial all along. The cheese to the entire summer fashion pizza is summer shoe trends: they give us happy feet as we put our best foot forward and sometimes, with absolutely nowhere to go.

At the moment, strappy sandals, flatforms, and block heels shine in the spotlight and have damned the dampness that came to be associated with the lockdown. Shoes will forever be a girl’s best friend and nothing in fashion can hold weight without them. I mean, imagine putting together a bomb outfit and then going barefoot. Exactly, purpose defeated.

With things finally opening up, we all now have more places to go than ever before. From bridal showers to brunch dates to concerts, this summer is definitely packed with events that 2020 unpredictably postponed. No matter where you’re headed, a pair of great shoes will never let you down.

We’ve curated 9 summer shoe trends your wardrobe will love…

#1. Strappy heels

Having brunch with the girls? Going for a bridal shower? Got any semi-formal event to attend? Strappy heels are perfect for any summer event where you don’t need to be on your feet for more than an hour.

Shoes 2021
Photo: @slipintostyle / Instagram 


Photo: @caribbean_cowgirl / Instagram 

Shop editor’s strappy heel edit



#2. Flatforms / Platform Sandals

From picnics to play dates for the kids, casual strolls to simply running errands, you can’t go wrong with Flatforms this season. Just remember, the longer you have to be on your feet, the lower your sole/heels should be.

Photo: @elfonnie/Instagram
Photo: @fashionistatika / Instagram
Photo: @caribbean_cowgirl / Instagram

Shop editor’s platform/flatform sandals edit 



#3. Flat Sandals

Flat sandals are perfect for every daily activity from grocery shopping to mall trips to BBQs. Get them in every color and you’ll never lack a well-styled outfit. Whatever you do, be sure to have a black one for everyday wear, a white one for that resort look and a bright colored one for when you need a pop of color.

Photo: @slipintostyle / Instagram
summer shoe trends
Photo: @lisafolawiyo / Instagram

Shop editor’s flat sandals edit 



#4. Slingback pumps

A true fashionista knows that slingback pumps are all you need to nail that celebrity look. From daytime dates to fashion shows, a pair of slingback pumps will have you looking like a true style star in no time.

Photo: @chiomagoodhair / Instagram    
Photo: @tamumcpherson/Instagram

Shop editor’s slingback pumps pick…



#5. Block heel mules

The ultimate summer shoe trend of the moment, no contemporary summer look is complete without block heel mules. Just ask your favorite influencer.

Photo: @jariatudanita/Instagram

Shop editor’s block heel picks…



#6. Sneakers

Simply put, sneakers are a summer essential. From concerts to trips to the park, sneakers will save the day when you need to be on your feet most of the time. 

Photo: @awedbymoni / Instagram

And what’s summertime without a pair of white sneakers? 

Photo: Instagram | @mawewilliams

Shop editor’s sneakers picks…



#7. Pastel hues

Drag the beauty of spring into summer with pastel hues. From serving as a subtle pop of color to amping up your ultra-feminine style, pastel-colored shoes are a sure way to liven up any look.

Photo: @byaimeekelly / Instagram 

Shop editor’s pastel hues picks…



#8.  Pumps

What’s formal summer dressing without a pair of classic pumps? Work dressing, wedding look, baptism style? Throw on a pair of sleek pumps and seal the deal.

Photo: @alexandralapp / Instagram
Photo: @blue_mbombo / Instagram                                                               

Shop editor’s picks…



Want something more airy or trendy? Go for mesh pumps and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Photo: @awedbymoni / Instagram

Shop Bottega Veneta – Lace-up Leather-trimmed Mesh Pump here.



Slides are just perfect for resort-inspired dressing They are feminine, timeless and comfortable––a perfect addition to any effortless look.

Photo: @slipintostyle/Instagram

Shop editor’s slides edit


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