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Pour Homme: 6 Best Classic Fragrances That Will Draw People To You This Holiday Season

Pour Homme: 6 Best Classic Fragrances That Will Draw People To You This Holiday Season


Your scent is the last detail you add to any outfit before you leave the house, yet one of the first things people notice about you. Scents should complement your personal style as well as the season. As the weather changes, perfumers begin to lean towards warmer and spicier scents. Masculine notes such as leather, oud, wood, cognac and spice also tend to feature heavily at this time of year. So, if you like your scents bold and assertive, this is your time to shine. Of course, these classic fragrances are certainly a bunch to love.

To save you scent-hunting trouble, we’ve curated six classic fragrances to help our male Style Ravens ooze an unparalleled aura wherever you step foot this holiday season. These classic fragrances are bold, sexy and très masculine, and will definitely draw people to you and have you hearing “what scent is that” all season long. That is to say through the Fall/Winter while you go about your festivities.

Check out our top 6 classic fragrances for men to bask in this holiday…

#1. Sauvage, by DIOR


This fragrance opens up with a citrus-based spicy scent which later gives way to the herbaceous note of lavender. Then it finally dries out with patchouli working its way to the top. With this cologne, François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, wanted something raw and noble all at once and he sure did get it! Sauvage fragrance notes are Bergamot, Ambroxan, Geranium, Pepper, Lavender, Vetiver and Patchouli.

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#2. Gucci Guilty


Guilty opens up with top notes of lavender and lemon which gives way to the appealing scents of the orange blossom. The dry and crisp combination of cedarwood and patchouli lingers for a while offering a firm but exciting and soft coloring to the composition.

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#3. Tom Ford, Noir Extreme

The sweet scent and smoky wood combination of this fragrance create an interesting and unique blend. On the first spray, you’ll recognize woody vanilla undertones which are ultimately replaced with warmer spicy notes of sandalwood, saffron, and cardamom.

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#4. 12 Lacha, by ODIN


This fragrance is the epitome of what a cold weather scent can be as it is extremely warm, spicy and musky. Black pepper and nutmeg offset carnation, suede accord, bois de santal, musk and patchouli terreux. This is rounded off with a generous sprinkle of rare Lacha saffron. Certainly, this is a fragrance to get baptised in this holiday.

#5. Prada L’Homme

L’Homme opens up peppery and woody with iris quickly joining the fray, bringing earth and powder to round off the edges of the crackling pepper. Underneath is a warm dose of amber with a hint of sweetness and an almond-like nuance. This is definitely perfect for the man who loves an imposing fragrance stand-off.

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#6. Gentlemen Only – Intense, by Givenchy

This is one of the woodiest classic fragrances we’ve come across. The fragrance notes of green mandarin oil, black pepper, birch leaf, patchouli, texas cedarwood, leather, tonka bean, amber, and incense all come together to give off a very dark woody scent. It opens up smelling like coffee but evolves to smelling light, woody, and smoky.

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Which of these classic fragrances would you be trying soon or what cologne do you currently favor?

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