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7 Simple Christmas-inspired Nail Ideas To Try This Season

7 Simple Christmas-inspired Nail Ideas To Try This Season


Tick, tock, tick, tock. That’s the sound of the clock as it gradually chimes away eagerly waiting to greet us with Christmas. It’s true that Christmas is but a few days away, and by now you ought to have had your slay gear ready. However, we know this might not be the case and sometimes, even important things like your nails can be forgotten. As a result, we’ve curated some fun and festive Christmas nail manicures that will have everyone complimenting your nails everywhere you go.

While the phrase “Christmas nails” may bring to mind sculpted Santas, over-the-top glitter, red and green everything, there’re actually plenty of subtle Christmas nail ideas available to put you in the Christmas spirit while still being amazing.

These Christmas nail designs feature some twists on nail trends we have been obsessed with this year. Some of which we expect to spill into 2022. Think French manicures, subtle glitter, negative space, and ombre designs. All of these aren’t just perfect for Christmas but will also get you into the New Year festivities. Just like killing two birds with one stone.

Whether you are a minimalist nail person or want to add some sparkles to your nails, you would definitely get something of your choice. So get ready to screenshot some really chic Christmas nail designs, many of which you can do yourself.

Check out 7 stunning Christmas nail designs to make a statement this season…

There’s always room for glitter this season, whether that’s on your outfit, makeup, or nails. While red dust of glitter is often the famous option, a sparkly delight of silver is very welcome. What’s more, silver complements most skin tones, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t try it out.


#2. Gold arch manicure

If silver isn’t your cup of hot chocolate, then you can give gold a chance. However, rather than going full-on gold, you can opt for gold detailing just on the tip of your nails. It gives the illusion of longer nails and of course, who doesn’t need that this season?

Photo: @michellelenailsdanforth/Instagram

#3. Green tortoise shell nails

While several ladies would tread the green path in order to stick to the holiday theme, you can still follow that route but in style. Yes, plain green nails can be boring, however, green tortoiseshell nails is a hit. You can either try this Christmas nail design with both long or short nails and the result will certainly be the same.

Photo: @nailedit_beauty/Instagram

#4. Ombré french manicure

There’s something irresistibly stunning about the ombré effect, especially when it comes to nails. Although you can choose to have various shades of a particular color on your nails, this wouldn’t fit the girl who’s drawn to simplicity. If this girl is you, then you can try out the ombré effect but with French manicure. I bet nothing would please your soul quite as these nails.

Photo: @sweetandsavvynails/Instagram

#5. Frostbite

Who doesn’t like a bit of chill? No one ever! A frostbite Christmas nail design is one you can try, especially if you appreciate rich details. While you can explore this option with colors like red, blue, and even purple, a subtle yet striking variation like the one below is totally awesome.

Photo: @graces_naillounge/Instagram

As stated earlier, most of the nail designs in this article is one you can get done yourself, and this is surely one of such. Candy cane is super easy, all you have to do is use a few coats of your favorite Christmas color and you’re good to go. Yes, it’s that simple.

Photo: @oliveandjune/Instagram

The negative space nail trend is still burning in full steam so why not hop on? Since it’s the season of merriment (and sparkle), glitter is a season-appropriate way to wear the trend. The key to nailing (pun intended) this style is to create one or a series of patterns using the negative space. For example, you can “pattern-out” hearts, squiggly lines, Santa’s hat, or even your initials. Let your creativity roam free.

Photo: @paintboxnails/Instagram

Featured image: gandziuchaa | Instagram 

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