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Last Week, The Best Dressed Men Found Unity In Relaxed Elegance

Last Week, The Best Dressed Men Found Unity In Relaxed Elegance


T  he rest of the world may be struggling to dress for the transitional season, often characterized by unpredictable weather, but celebrities refuse to let that restrict them from looking fashionably sumptuous. Last week, between the Academy Awards, movie premieres, and sports games, Black men opted for uber-stylish options that caused a stir while still maintaining relaxed elegance. In addition, several of them retained layered ensembles, which makes sense — nothing will garner more attention than rightly layered outfits — and the trend dominated globally. Black men outerwear.

The Looks

For his performance at Coko Festival, Manchester’s largest Afrofusion festival, singer Adekunle Gold offered a thrill with his stage ensemble. The music maestro brought drama to the festival stage in a blue and black Pan Heyun jacket worn over a mesh vest by Mershka and a pair of black pants by Berthold. Having mastered the art of dramatic fashion thanks to his stylist, Ramario Chevoy, he knew how to make this fit resonate on and off the stage. To give the outfit an extra oomph, he finished it off with a pair of black Kurt Geiger boots which ensured he certainly was the star of the show.

Still, the most swoon-worthy surprise of the week came thanks to actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who embraced Bottega Veneta’s tailoring at the London premiere of his movie, Ambulance. Yahya was at his confident best in Bottega Veneta’s new shimmering shirt jacket, matching pants, a purple turtleneck sweater, and black clog-style shoes. A truly modern leading man on- and off-screen, he may inspire his contemporaries to more and more glitter.

This week saw some of the most compelling outerwear worn by Black men globally. Thanks to their various influences, great taste in designer outfits, and expert tailoring, many of the moment’s best looks could be confused to be straight out of a fashion magazine.

Check out the best fashion statements from last week’s best dressed Black men…

Steve Harvey

Photo: @iamsteveharveytv | Instagram

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Adekunle Gold

Photo: @adekunlegold | Instagram


Lewis Hamilton

Photo: @gqsports | Instagram

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Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

Photo: @yahya | Instagram


Dwyane Wade

Photo: Dwyane Wade/Instagram


Kid Cudi

Photo: Getty


Jay Ellis

Photo: Jay Ellis/Instagram


Prince Nelson Enwerem

Photo: @princenelsonenwerem/Instagram


Skyh Alvester Black

Photo: @skyhblack | Instagram


Donovan Mitchell

Photo: @leaguefits | Instagram

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