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10 Fashionable Black Celebrities With A Knack For Vintage Style

10 Fashionable Black Celebrities With A Knack For Vintage Style



n recent years, vintage fashion has become the new ‘new’ in celebrity fashion, runway, and street style. Many black celebs have been at the forefront of this trend, incorporating vintage pieces into their style and proudly making them their own. This includes gracing the carpet in vintage couture designs and being spotted in casual retro-themed outfits. The oldies insurgence has infiltrated mainstream style, and celebrity vintage fashion takes are now the order of the day.

There are black celebrities who have made a lasting impact on the fashion world with their unique and iconic vintage looks, the type that has every style girl taking notes. What makes this even more interesting is how well these celebs are adding a personal touch to the classic style takes. No doubt, they are a glaring sign to you to embrace your vintage era.

Check out these celebrity vintage fashion renderings as seen on our favorite stars… 

#1. Beyoncé

Photo: Getty

Queen Bey knows how to piece together her oldie finds. During the 2005 edition of the Oscars, Ms. Carter showed off her figure in a strapless black velvet dress with a flattering train by Atelier Versace. She is Beyoncé after all.

#2. Rihanna

Photo: Miles Diggs

RiRi has been spotted donning several vintage clothes, from jeans to t-shirts, floppy hats to stilettos. Even while rocking a baby bump in Los Angeles, the Barbadian billionaire was seen wearing a vintage look, featuring low-slung jeans, a tie-up top, and a statement coat by Roberto Cavalli’s Noughties collections. We can all agree her style is always her own.

#3. Zendaya

Photo: @bobmackie/Instagram

Zendaya is arguably the queen of vintage. The star wore a special vintage Bob Mackie gown from 1998 in a gala honoring the TIME’s 100 Most Influential People of 2022 list, and TBH. Also, during one of her red carpet moments, the star girl wore a vintage black and white striped dress from Valentino’s 1992 Spring/Summer collection. When it comes to vintage, Zendaya sure knows how to ace it.

#4. Jada Pinkett Smith

Photo: Gilbert Flores for Variety

Jada Pinkett Smith has a charm that’s both unique and iconic. She forms an expression through her eclectic style. Jada wore a vintage Gareth Pugh navy piece to the 2022 SAG Awards. In 2019, Smith rocked a beige feathery vintage gown by Roberto Cavalli that stole hearts. From vintage designer pieces to one-of-a-kind finds, Smith knows how to make celebrity vintage fashion look current and on-trend.

#5. Angela Bassett

Photo: Getty

Sixty-four-year-old Wakanda star Angela Bassett recently won a Golden Globe for the Marvel film. At the event, the star rocked a contemporary silver Pamella Roland dress that boasts a classic vibe with a retro old Hollywood hairstyle. Bassett plays with vintage hairdos and infuses modish ensembles for balance.

#6. Taraji P. Henson

Photo: Vogue

Throwback to when Henson and Octavia Spencer were spotted on the set of their film Hidden Figures in Marietta, Georgia. She was elegantly clad in a gray knee-length skirt and matching-hued jacket, while Spencer wore a pink one. In 2020, the star actress hosted the American Music Awards in which she changed into 12 outfits! One of which featured a vintage Patrick Kelly bustier. 

#7. Meghan Markle

Photo: @wagner_az/Instagram

The Duchess of Sussex is known for her timeless looks. In 2019, while rocking her baby bump, Markle donned a cashmere swing coat from the 1960s during a royal visit. Also, when she attended a bridal shower in New York, the mother-of-two was seen wearing a Courrèges Haute Couture black coat from 1965.

#8. Lupita Nyong’o

Photo: Getty

Lupita Nyong’o has made a lasting impact on the fashion world with her impeccable sense of style. Whether at the Oscars or the MTV movie awards, Lupita got all eyes and paparazzi on her. Her vintage maxi green gown with floral designs got heads turning at the 2015 Oscars. Or was it when she wore Lanvin’s black and white maxi gown at the BAFTA Britannia Awards 2013? From vintage Chanel to vintage Dior, Nyong’o always puts a spin on celebrity vintage fashion as we know it.

#9. Solange Knowles

Photo: @helmutlang/Instagram

Solange Knowles has become known for her love of vintage fashion, often effortlessly rocking vintage pieces. One time when Exactitudes photographed her, Solange wore a Tom of England t-shirt and shorts from Helmut Lang. Also, when featured in the UK publication; London Evening Standard, she wore several pieces with her signature retro flare.

#10. Janelle Monáe

Photo: Getty

Known for her eclectic and bold fashion choices, Janelle Monáe often integrates vintage pieces into her signature style. From 1920s-inspired flapper dresses to 1970s-style jumpsuits, she no doubt manages to make vintage fashion look modern and fresh. During the 11th annual LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles, the singer and actress wore a two-toned vintage Gucci elegant dress with sequins and embellishments that was nothing short of stunning.


Where can I buy vintage clothing worn by celebrities?

Vintage clothing worn by celebrities can be found at vintage clothing stores, online retailers that specialize in vintage clothing, and vintage clothing auctions.

How do I know if a vintage piece is authentic?

Authenticating vintage clothing can be difficult, and requires knowledge of vintage fashion and construction techniques. Some ways to determine authenticity include examining the fabric and construction, looking for vintage labels and tags, and consulting with an expert in vintage fashion.

These black beauties have shown that celebrity vintage fashion can be just as relevant and stylish today as it was in the past. By injecting vintage pieces into their style, they pay homage to fashion history. They are also making vintage fashion accessible to a new generation of style enthusiasts and saving the planet. Kudos!

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