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5 Things You Need To Win ‘Big Brother Naija’ As Revealed At The Reunion

5 Things You Need To Win ‘Big Brother Naija’ As Revealed At The Reunion


Nigerians and other Africans were glued to their TVs as the Big Brother Naija 2019 reunion held for four days this past week. The reunion gave the Pepper Dem housemates another opportunity to hash out their issues and as expected, there was enough drama and shocking revelations. Amidst the drama, some tips for winning the show were revealed and I took notes! Big brother naija 2020 bbnaija

The auditions for the 2020 edition of the show were virtual and are now closed. If you were among the auditionees or if you plan to audition in the future, I’ve gathered key tips you need to win as shared by the 2019 housemates. You may have missed these tips as all the drama played out, so trust when I say, you’re not going to get these anywhere else.

Here are 5 tips to help you win Big Brother Naija 2020 and beyond…

#1. You’ve got to play your cards very well

ban Jackye

The host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu asked the housemates who they thought didn’t deserve to be in the house and most of them went with Jackye. When Jackye was asked, she said that the card she came to the house to play was a ‘Tech Queen’ card and that she didn’t come specifically to win but to put herself and what she does out there.

This is in fact how it plays out with many of the housemates. There can only be one winner so be sure to pick your cards wisely and play it as naturally as you can. Do you really want to win or are you there to show off your craft? Pick one goal and chase it hard.

#2. Aim to rule the highlights 

big brother naija mercy eke
Mercy Eke

Highlights are not a myth. Mercy Eke, the queen of highlights – a self-crowned title – came top of the scoreboard when Ebuka asked the housemates who they thought grabbed all the attention. If you don’t know, highlights are the snippets of drama during the show. There are indeed cameras all over the house but highlights are the reason all attention will focus on you during the show. Big brother naija 2020 bbnaija

Big brother naija tacha

Tacha, at a close second, mentioned that she was not trying to purposefully get attention; instead, that’s the way she is. Do you think this is true? We may not know the full truth about that but what we do know is who eventually won; the queen of highlights herself – Mercy.

The trick? Find a way to become the center of attention for the right reasons and rule the highlights!

#3. Don’t use confidence to mask insecurities, people can see through it


Being in the house for 99 days (even if you stay for less) will take a huge toll on you if you’re only ‘faking’ confidence. When the housemates were asked who the braggers in the house were, Tacha’s name came up predominantly. When she was questioned on it she said she was confident and not bragging. 

big brother naija Kim Oprah
Kim Oprah

This reunion scene caused drama with the housemates when Kim Oprah spoke up. She cited the instance when Tacha got into the house and said she was being escorted into the house by other housemates. Tacha’s response was “I’m confident” and to Kim, she said, “if you don’t like it, deal with your insecurities.” Big brother naija 2020 bbnaija

At the bottom of these issues, Seyi’s explanation seemed to hit the nail on the head. His message was, bragging is noise. confidence is silent.

So what’s a winning strategy? Be real, be authentic and be vulnerable. Your housemates and the audience will better connect with you and love you for it!

#4. Diary room sessions are more strategic than you think


On Day 4 of the reunion, there was a recap of the diary room sessions and Omashola and Khartoum were found to be very active with the diary room. Omashola says he saw Biggie as his dad and genuinely enjoyed expressing himself in there. On the other hand, Jackye and Venita (perhaps spurred on by beef – not confirmed) said Khafi was insincere.

big brother naija 2020 Khaffi

However, Ebuka kept reminding the housemates that this was a game. Some of the key areas viewers pay the most attention to are the diary room, the Saturday night party, and the eviction show.

The diary room is the best time to genuinely sell yourself to the millions watching from home, so do it! Big brother naija 2020 bbnaija

#5. If you’re insecure; keep it to yourself

Frodd BBNaija

We save the best for last. Always remember, this is a game and a competition. Former US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger once said “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests.” Always keep this in mind whenever you’re dealing with people in a competition or even a business environment. Your friend today could be your enemy tomorrow, so don’t share your insecurities or weaknesses with a friend who’s in reality your competition. People will use your insecurities to defeat you.

Frodd expressed his hurt for Seyi constantly nominating him for eviction even after knowing what it did to him. 

big brother naija 2020 seyi

In response, Seyi said if he had to do it again, he would do the same thing because he “loved what he was seeing.” Seyi was simply playing the game to win. 

If this is the only thing you take home, it will be enough. Once in the competition, you can’t trust anybody so don’t share your weaknesses with anyone. Pour out your problems in the diary room alone. Who knows, it may garner you some more fans who can relate with you. Big brother naija 2020 bbnaija

And that was five key tips to help you secure the bag this season and beyond. Did I miss any winning secret? Be sure to add yours in the comment session.

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