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An Audience with the Queen: 5 Things Beyoncé Revealed For Her British Vogue Cover

An Audience with the Queen: 5 Things Beyoncé Revealed For Her British Vogue Cover


For the December issue of British Vogue, Editor-in-chief, Edward Enninful spoke with singer, songwriter, actress and businesswoman, Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter as she got candid on a variety of topics. It’s been revealed that the stunning cover was creatively directed by Beyoncé’s team alongside Vogue’s.

A big inclusion activist, it should come as no surprise that Beyoncé is now using her power to shine the light on other Black creatives. She was photographed by a co-southern girl, Kennedi Carter and was styled by Edward Enninful himself. Many of Beyoncé’s outfits were custom-made by top brands like Alexander McQueen, Oscar de la Renta, Westwood, Burberry, Fendi and Christopher John Rogers among others.


According to the global media brand, the goal was to fill the British Vogue with a 20-page extravaganza and leave the year 2020 with a bang. Who better to do that with than Beyoncé?


It’s all joy for Beyoncé as she touched on a load of topics from family life with husband, Jay Z and children, Blue Ivy, Sir and Rumi to fashion, philanthropy, and even the Beehive. 

This Beyoncé is as transparent as it gets and so many have been looking forward to this. I know I have.

Here are 5 things Beyoncé revealed for her British Vogue cover story…

#1. Ivy Park for British Vogue


The pandemic set everyone back to factory settings in their sweats and big T-shirts. Being a fashion lover, however, Beyonce’s immediate family decided to set a day just for fashion called fashion Friday. On this day they would play dress and up and bond as a family. This was part of the inspiration for the collection. For this new collection, Beyoncé had a clear sky and tried to experiment with much happier colors. Colors like neon yellow and other natural colors were used.

Beyond color, the collection she says was inspired by diversity and inclusion for all body types. A reminder that they’re all beautiful. She didn’t want anyone to feel alienated.

#2. Philanthropy especially for Minorities


The pandemic disproportionately affected more minorities in the US and the UK. Beyoncé had to work with NAACP in collaboration with her foundation, BeyGood to help black-owned businesses. She also collaborated with twitter owner, Jack Dorsey and provided relief for plenty of individuals from her home state, Texas.

#3. Black is King


Her visual album, Black is King was one massive thing to shake social media this year. Talking about the project, she said that she started the idea in her backyard before she went on to shoot it at prominent places in Africa and other places (Nigeria, Ghana, UK, USA, and South Africa) over the span of a year.

#4. She is literally the Queen Bee!

And not just because of the Beyhive but because of her Beehives. Two of them, she tells British Vogue, with about 80,000 bees in them producing hundreds of jars of honey a year. Now that’s fascinating. She keeps the hives because of her daughters, both of which suffer from allergies and because honey is a good healer.

#5. She forgets the strangest things

Like her phone, keys, and dates but she never forgets conversations and a person’s style.

Born on a Friday in September of 1981, Beyoncé’s behind-the-scenes video of her Vogue cover shoot invokes emotions of nostalgia and black pride. This is something the Queen Bee has been actively showing off in all of her art lately.

Read the full article here.

Photos: British Vogue | Kennedi Carter for Beyonce British Vogue cover.

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