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5 Best Apps For Selling Clothes In 2021

5 Best Apps For Selling Clothes In 2021


Did you fall into the impulse buying trap only to get home and regret why you made that purchase? “Gosh! It doesn’t even fit and it’s not my style, what was I thinking?” Or do you have a not-so-used piece you want to sell but lack a large network? Either way, you’re reading this article because you typed “best apps for selling clothes” in your search engine.

The fashion industry is huge and still growing, so there’s always a ready market for any item you put out there, plus technology has made it even easier. The minute fashion met technology, the union skyrocketed and they haven’t looked back ever since. From providing the ability to reach any country on earth, to virtual outfit testing, there is nothing this power couple can’t accomplish together! Get your cameras and lights set because your clothes are about to go live.

Here are 5 great and efficient apps for selling clothes in 2021…

#1. ASOS Marketplace

So, you finally realized that outfit wasn’t such a good idea and you’re looking to sell rather than tucking it into your box. This app is your answer and with a commission of 10% on the sale price, you can put it up and wait for that credit alert.

#2. ThredUP

This app works like a consignment store that puts clothes up for sale and agrees to pay the seller a percentage of the proceeds if and when the goods do sell. There are different categories like kids, women, and teens which makes it perfect for any age group. Be careful though, as you might end up buying more stuff. It’s that convincing.

#3. Facebook Marketplace

With over 2.7 billion monthly active users [as of the second quarter of 2020], you can definitely find your customers within this space. When you think of apps for selling clothes, the Facebook marketplace is a great option as it widens your reach and is good for brand visibility.

#4. Vinted

This is one of the best apps for selling clothes because there’s a swapping option and it’s easy to navigate with reasonable requirements. A picture, a catchy product description, and the price are basically all you need to set it up. How cool is that?

#5. eBay

There’s a reason eBay has been around this long. It’s functional and may be a better platform for more expensive items due to its relatively low standard sales fee. eBay offers a fast and efficient sales experience and has built a trusted reputation. Their platform also features a “Buy it now” and auction price option. All you have to do is upload an image with a description and price then wait for the highest bidder. Popcorn? Check!

Featured Image: Marcus Loke | Unsplash

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