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7 Easy Business Ideas To Bridge The Unemployment Gap In 2023

7 Easy Business Ideas To Bridge The Unemployment Gap In 2023



he pandemic came with its fair share of setbacks, and before we could get over that, the global economy decided to go gloomy. We’re sure you’ve seen the scary headlines of companies laying off workers in the thousands, even the once-sacred tech talents are losing their jobs at unbelievable rates. Today, many countries, even developed nations, are faced with rising unemployment numbers faster than many can cope with. As if the pandemic wasn’t bad enough.

In order to bridge the unemployment gap, we need to start thinking outside the box to come up with business ideas that will not only set us on the path of financial stability but also create jobs that will engage our youths productively. This is why many need to be more receptive to the path of entrepreneurship as that’s a sure-fire way to get the ball rolling. But before delving into the highly-unpredictable journey of starting and running your business, it’s advised to get the necessary training in your proposed industry as knowledge can be the deciding factor to success or failure. 

What do I need to become an entrepreneur?

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Of course, you already know that entrepreneurship isn’t always a bed of roses. There will be days when you want to throw in the towel and damn the consequences. But don’t. Everyone who has gone ahead of you has had to deal with the hurdles and many were dang successful as a result. Every entrepreneur needs to be passionate about their goals, tenacious, and refuse to take no for an answer. This is the fuel successful entrepreneurs run on. 

Check out 7 business ideas that will take you from unemployed to boss level…

#1. Start a YouTube channel

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YouTube is undoubtedly a powerful force anyone can take advantage of regardless of location. From the big cities in the United States to the remotest villages in Africa, creators are bridging the unemployment gap by consistently running a YouTube channel. Starting a channel is free and easy and you don’t necessarily have to market your channel because YouTube tends to handle that, too. (If you’re aiming for faster growth, it doesn’t hurt to publicize your channel). Once you hit a threshold of 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers, you can have your channel monetized, that is, YouTube begins to pay you to put adverts on your videos. The more views you get, the more money you make. Plus, you can also get brand sponsorship the more your channel grows.

#2. Run a laundromat

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Do you have a washing machine lying around the house? Why not turn it into a business? You may not realize it but doing the laundry isn’t a task many enjoy and they’re willing to pay to delegate it. Rather than sit and sulk at your unemployed state, get to washing and see your income improve. So, phone your family and friends and have them send their dirty clothes over. At a fee, of course.

#3. Trade agricultural products

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There’s no end to the line of customers in need of agricultural products. Let’s face it, whether it’s poultry or fruits and vegetables, we all need to eat. So take advantage of the basic human need for food and watch your income steadily increase. You can explore options such as a small-scale farm where you either grow select crops or rare animals such as poultry or goats. Otherwise, get into the retail grocery sector by partnering with your local farmers. 

#4. Develop an app

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In this digital age, tech is king. Do you know how many hours the average person spends on an app in a day? Apps make our lives easier and connect us to the world at large. In a global village such as ours, an app developer is indispensable as brands and businesses alike are seeking these experts to push themselves to new heights. Instead of waiting for a job offer to fall into your lap, why not start gathering knowledge as an app developer to bridge the unemployment gap?

#5. Dropship a product or more

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E-commerce business has tripled in relevance in recent times, especially after the pandemic as many of us got used to the convenience they offer. Guess what? Dropshipping is a smart way to key into this market. This business requires very little in the area of startup capital, and many have ventured into this path with as little as $100. All you need to do is set up an online store, partner with suppliers who have products, and ship to your customers based on orders. 

#6. Be a fitness trainer/nutritionist

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The fit-fam trend is still bubbling as everyone wants to stay healthy, trim, and snatched. This doesn’t end in wishful thinking because individuals are actually putting in the work, and many are paying good money to work with an expert. If you’re passionate about staying healthy and you’re versed on the subject, why not offer your services to those who need them? When starting out, you can offer virtual classes to groups of people and leverage social media for more exposure. 

#7. Be a consultant

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This is an intellectual era where individuals are hungry for knowledge. You might be skilled in a particular area but lack the opportunity to utilize it due to unemployment. This is a perfect way to bridge the unemployment gap by offering consulting services in your area of expertise that solves problems and offers solutions. 

Be so good they can’t ignore you.”—Steve Martin. 

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