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Banged Beauty! A Fringe Cut For Every Hairstyle

Banged Beauty! A Fringe Cut For Every Hairstyle

It’s never too late to start the year with a bang! The thing about most hairstyles is that they rarely ever go out of fashion. But what if you’re bored of the same straight, curly or wavy do? How do you spice up your look without breaking the bank? That’s where the fringe cut or bangs – like it’s called in the US – come into play.

Fun and edgy, the fringe cut has stood the test of time and works for women of all ages. From the bob to straight to curly locks, the fringe cut sits well on almost every hairstyle and there are just so many ways that the cut can be made to suit every woman.

If you haven’t tried the fringe hairstyle in a while, now is the perfect time to do so. We have curated 10 stunning fringe-inspired looks to help you stand out this new year.

Get inspired by these fringe cuts…

Bob x Bangs

Delaila Johnson
Bella Hadid

Choppy x Bangs

Vanessa Hudgens
Emma Stone
Kerry Washington

Curls x Bangs

Rukayat Lawal

Straight x Bangs

Monica Brown
Tyra Banks

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