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Asa Takes Us Back To The Beginning With Her First Single In 4 Years

Asa Takes Us Back To The Beginning With Her First Single In 4 Years

Asa the beginning

After being away from the music industry for a long time now, Asa is back and better. The phenomenal singer and performer dropped her latest single today and she titled this ‘The Beginning.’

According to her twitter status announcing the release,

“Here is to you – The Beginning – for me, a reset, a rebirth. I hope you would love it as much as I do. Thank you all for your love and patience.”

Asa The Beginning

Yes, Asa, we are definitely loving this. On this track, Asa’s voice appears just as a soulmate that was gone for too long. Lyrics like “One of us must have a last say / Words like dagger we try to hurt each other” are the first words of the new single – The Beginning by Asa which has video directed by Daisy Zhou.

This double meaning song also announces the start of a new musical chapter for Asa. From the very start of the song, we remember all the reasons why we love the Nigerian songwriter: even with soft harmonies, the strength of emotions keep filtering through Asa’s voice. Her melodies fill the heart with words that can either comfort or “hurt like a dagger.”

Asa The Beginning

This first track of the single which was written by Asa and Patrice Bart-Williams announces an emotional rollercoaster, and it is just the beginning…

Watch ‘The Beginning’ video here…

We are definitely looking forward to the album.

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