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Best Dressed List: Last Week, The Gents Went For Simple But Extroverted Pizzazz

Best Dressed List: Last Week, The Gents Went For Simple But Extroverted Pizzazz

Less isn’t always more. Thanks to months of lockdowns and curfews, at present, every trip outdoors feels like an occasion and for male celebrities across Africa, taking the low-impact approach just doesn’t cut it. Last week as the continent’s best-dressed men went about their tasks, they sought out fashion pieces that were simple but styled with extroverted pizzazz.

Over in Nigeria, extra details provided a jolt of fashion excitement. Currently making a short-term TV comeback in the BBNaija Reunion show, Neo Akpofure updated his Instagram to tell us that he wasn’t just there to spill tea but to also serve lewks. In a custom electric blue tuxedo by Nigerian fashion brand Jason Porshe, worn over a white wingtip collar shirt, Neo gave us a taste of his interpretation of sartorial glamour. He finished off the look with a pair of black patent leather dress shoes from David Wej which gave the ensemble an unapologetic extravagant flair.

True to his style, South African fashion designer Rich Mnisi stuck to unexpected edginess. This time, he took an all-pink route delivered with a very contemporary sporty appeal. Though many other African men had a great time with style last week, the week’s most catchy fashion moment came courtesy of Rich Mnisi as his monochrome ensemble pushed delivered on all the important facets of style: think comfort, individuality and an unforced sophistication.

It’s safe to say that last week, the best-dressed male celebrities and influencers across Africa had their style imbued with extroverted pizzazz. That was evident in an array of upbeat looks that ranged from sporty to elevated casual, to formal.

Check out last week’s best-dressed male celebrities across Africa…



Photo: Instagram – @kidimusic



Mike Edwards

Photo: Instagram – @aireyys

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Neo Akpofure

Photo: Instagram – @neo_akpofure

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Photo: Instagram – @iam_kcee



Photo: Instagram – @taymesan


.Efe Iwara

Photo: Instagram – efeiwara



Photo: Instagram – @oxladeofficial

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South Africa

Trevor Stuurman

Photo: Instagram – @trevor_stuurman

Bradley Ndlovu

Photo: Instagram – @bradleyndlovu


Rich Mnisi

Photo: Instagram – @therichmnisi


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