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WATCH: Adut Akech Opens Up To Anas Bukhash About Her Life + 7 Inspirational Quotes From The Interview

WATCH: Adut Akech Opens Up To Anas Bukhash About Her Life + 7 Inspirational Quotes From The Interview


Something many models of color have in common is their success story. From the hardship they faced as kids, to being bullied, poverty and for immigrants, the struggle to survive. This is an origin story supermodel Adut Akech Bior is all too familiar with as she opens up to Lebanese Youtuber, Anas Bukhash on his show, ‘abtalks.’

The Interview starts in a classic way — with Anas Bukhash asking Adut Akech how she’s really doing. Just like most people, she replies that she’s pushing through whatever life is throwing her way while being thankful she’s alive.

Photo | Instagram: Adut Akech

Adut describes her childhood as a rollercoaster filled with fun, scary and sad days. This is owing to her experiences as a refugee in a camp in Kenya and the struggles she and her family had to go through in a bid to survive. The model reveals that though she doesn’t have any memory of her father whom she lost at a very young age, she knows he is always with her.

Some minutes into the interview, Adut talks about how much she loves writing and how it has provided a form of therapy for her. She says she doesn’t do therapy because writing is therapeutic enough for her. This has helped her manage her emotions and reactions to the level of racism she faces all over the world and especially in the fashion industry.

Speaking on racism, she addresses the 2019 photo error incident where Who Magazine wrote an interview article about her and used a picture of Flavia Lazarus instead. She spoke up about the incident and racism in the industry on her social media platform which got the attention of many people. Adut says that incident taught her to always speak up for what she believes in regardless of whether she gets cancelled in the fashion industry or not.

Photo | Instagram: Adut Akech

Adut also talked about how the society expects faux humility from people like her, how the society thinks confidence is pride and how that used to make her unable to refer to herself as someone positive. She slowly realized that it’s okay to feel confident in oneself and abilities.

In this interview with Anas Bukhash, Adut Akech shed light on so many events in her life’s journey while also inspiring viewers with so many wise words. We’ve highlighted some of the inspirational quotes shared.

Here are 7 inspirational quotes Adut Akech shared with Anas Bukhash…

On never giving up:

“Whatever life is throwing my way isn’t greater than my blessings.”

On bad times and good times:

“Life is a contrast. If you haven’t tried the bad, you can’t really appreciate the good.”

On racism in the fashion industry, people at the top giving Black people the bare minimum and not settling:

“Take me as I am or don’t take me.”

Photo | Instagram: Adut Akech

On personal drive to pursue goals:

“Your drive is bigger than you. It is not about you. When people fight for what is bigger than them, it is much more noble. It is grand. It is not selfish anymore. It is selfless.”

On not giving in to faux humility because the society confuses confidence with pride:

“It’s okay to actually say I’m a role model. It’s okay to say I’m a force of change.”

On not forgetting your roots:

“No matter how successful I would be, I would always be a refugee and I’m proud of that.”

On when Young people feel discouraged:

“You’ve got this. Whatever life throws your way, you’re going to overcome it. Even if it feels like you can’t, you will always overcome it, and it’s going to strengthen you.”


Watch the full interview…


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