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9 Best Hairstyles To Try Out This Holiday Season Based On Your Face Shape

9 Best Hairstyles To Try Out This Holiday Season Based On Your Face Shape


It’s the start of the festive season and most are already out and about trying to put things together to celebrate the best time of the year. For Black women, there’s no denying that one of the most fun parts is preparing our holiday looks, which includes selecting the hairstyle(s) we’ll be rocking all season long. Little wonder terms like best hairstyle for Christmas are trending off the charts right now.

From sleek, straight options to textured and edgy styles like faux locs, Black celebrities and influencers across the world have so conveniently shared some serious hair inspiration to serve you well this holiday season and we’ve curated some of the best looks worthy of your super stylish self. 

They say that versatility is the spice of life and this shows when it comes to selecting a hairstyle for Christmas, or any other time. Also, considering that the shapes of our faces can vary greatly, it’s important to opt for a hairstyle that flatters yours. For example, we know that a jaw-length bob looks amazing on oval faces, but that same hairdo doesn’t work as well for ladies with round faces. As a result of this obvious fact, this curation covers the best hairstyle every type of face shape can explore this festive period and beyond.

Check out 9 hairstyles for Christmas that Black women can try through all the festivities…

#1. All faces: Voluminous rich curls

Voluminous curls is a perfect hairstyle for women as it flatters most face shapes. Whether you’ve got a round, heart, oval, or square shape, this hairdo shines proudly. The key is to opt for a volume that suits your preference as you don’t want to appear to be overwhelmed by the width. 

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#2. All faces: Natural, short, and sweet

Your natural hair will make a great hairstyle for Christmas or any other time for that matter. This option is particularly great for its ease as there is nothing complicated about rocking what you’ve got. The only caveat is to style based on your face shape. For instance, girls with oval and heart faces can rock a side part effortlessly. 

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A post shared by Thuso Mbedu (@thuso.mbedu)


#3. Round face: Sleek, long, and straight 

If you have a round face, this should be on your must-try list this holiday season. Most long, straight hairstyles flatters your face, and if you want to take the style up a notch, add well-tamed edges. Opting to wear long hair in a sleek and straight manner is an ideal choice as it tricks the eye by creating the illusion of length and definition

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#4. Oval face: Go long with waves

An oval-shaped face has quite a number of hairstyle inspirations to choose from. However, one we particularly love is the wavy option. This seems to be the preferred choice for most celebs with oval faces as it instantly highlights your cheekbones, which is lovely.

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#5. Heart-shaped face: Sleek center part

When you spot a lady owning a sleek center-part hairdo like nobody’s business, it may just be a heart-shaped-face girl. No jokes, this hairstyle fits so perfectly as though it was invented specially for you. While the mane also works great for other face shapes, including oval, heart girls take it through the roof.

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A post shared by Linda Osifo (@lindaosifo)


#6. Square face: Good ol’ Ponytail

Square faces, you already know your jawline is fire. That means it’s only fitting that you opt for styles that bring this strength to the fore. A ponytail is one to try out as it accentuates your jawline and cheekbones. However, there are still many more options to explore. A good place to start is Angelina Jolie as she always serves hair inspiration for square faces.

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A post shared by Pearl Thusi (@pearlthusi)


#7. All faces: Locs, locs, locs!

Now, a hairstyle that works for every face shape. Faux locs command a different air of edge that’s very much welcome this holiday season, especially when you want to make a statement. They are available in various textures, lengths, and colors so you have no excuse not to try them out. No jokes, if a rusty edge is your goal, then locs shouldn’t be ignored.

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#8. Every face: Braids

Next up are braids, because no hair inspiration list is ever complete without them. This is where versatility, trend, and style collide to produce a timeless and ever-relevant hairstyle. Whether you choose box braids, twists, or knotless variations, you’ll certainly be in the right. Plus, you can style them in so many ways for a refreshing look.

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#9. Every face: Cornrows, especially Fulani braids

Fulani braids are the hairstyle for Christmas that keeps on giving. Many celebs and influencers are riding on this train because they’ve realized one thing: there’s no wrong way to do this hair. In addition, they’re so many styles available to choose from that rounding off the year without trying out at least one should be a sin. And if you’re in the mood for a little drama, then play up your look with accessories like beads and cowries. They’re simply fierce.

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