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Mental Mondays: 7 Clear Signs To Know When Enough Is Enough

Mental Mondays: 7 Clear Signs To Know When Enough Is Enough


e all have defining moments in life, times when we have to appraise our life’s performance. For some, they nod in satisfaction, for the fastidious ones, they feel the need to do better, and for others, they are disappointed at the way their lives turned. The latter might have been stuck in whatever situation — a toxic relationship, a bad job — and have become a shadow of themselves. If you fall into this category and are searching for signs you’ve had enough—it is probably enough.

While every aspect of John’s life seemed to be progressing, there was a major aspect of his life that seemed gangrene. Instead of cutting it off before it infects other parts of his life, he felt the need to keep nursing it, hoping it would be healed and become one with the body. News flash, that’s like spraying a Paco Rabanne perfume on a casket to conceal the stench of a rotten corpse. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t walk out of situations at the mere discomfort, but we are speaking of cancer spreading slowly but surely.

If there’s anything like that in your life that has defied all attempts to salvage—it’s time to manually move the compass. You often struggle with when to end a relationship with someone you love, or how to know when a relationship is not working. Guess what? Most of us have felt this at one point in life too. The key is to stop sweeping these things under the carpet and finally face them head-on.

Here are signs to know when enough is enough…

#1. You don’t recognize yourself

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If you’re struggling to answer this question because you once knew who you were, but can’t figure out the person staring back at you in the mirror, then you know something’s not right. It’s true, change is the only constant thing, and we are steadily evolving. If you resent this new you because you’d rather not be her—pause and think again.

#2. You’re unhappy with your life

Photo: RODNAE Productions/Pexels

You can’t count how many times you’ve rolled your eyes at these couples creating staged relationship content and muttered an “as if” because you know this is far from real life. To you, believe people should hate their jobs or relationships, but stick with them anyway because there really is no other option. Perhaps, one of the signs to know when enough is enough with you is if you’re rarely happy with your life. Yes, life will hit you with curve balls every now and then, but if your happiness is reserved like a public holiday, it’s time to audit your life. As insensitive as people believe this statement is, “happiness is indeed a choice”.

#3. You are constantly compromising

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It’s hard to know if you’ve compromised when you don’t have clear-cut life values. If you know the things you stand for and notice that you’ve trespassed across the boundaries, it’s time to rethink everything. Whether it’s a relationship or career path, it has to align with your values and life goals, or the tendency to feel unfulfilled will be at an all-time high.

#4. It’s bringing out the worst in you

Photo: Liza Summer/Pexels

Such is life, you realize that some individuals or things highlight the best parts of you, while others vamp up the Cruella in you. It is your responsibility to know what part of you is constantly placed in demand. If it’s making you feel and be the worse version of yourself, that’s one of the tell-tale signs to know when enough is enough.

#5. Your health keeps deteriorating

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

We have to think if it’s worth it in the end. The constant tug at our mental health, the unsettling sleeping and eating patterns, the general sick feeling we get when we continue to put up with things that no longer serve us. Research has shown the direct link between mental and physical health, one thrives on the other. When you are mentally drained, it starts to show in your physical health. It’s like an ulcer of the soul that eventually shows up on your body. While as adults, we sometimes face emotional and mental turmoil, but if you’re constantly wrapped in pain and exhaustion, the earlier you step out, the better.

#6. Developing a poor self-image

Photo: Mikhail Nilov/Pexels

Erica was a confident young lady who believed in her ability to conquer anything. She always felt beautiful and capable of handling situations like a boss. Boy meets girl, and they say I do. Fast forward five years after marriage, and Erica was entirely unrecognizable. She lost all that confidence in a troubling marriage. She couldn’t recognize herself, she’d scoff at a compliment and hated to look in the mirror.

That’s one thing about remaining in a situation that veers you — you are drained of life. Erica lost the vibrancy of her youth at the mere age of 35. So young, yet so old, and retired from life. These situations have her second-guessing herself and wondering if she’d ever be enough. Rather than question yourself and everything you stand for, why not square your shoulders and walk towards more self-edifying ventures?

#7. Things seem to work together

Photo: SHVETS production/Pexels

There are random times in life when you get subtle hints or significant shoves directed towards moving you towards a different trajectory in life. Some believe it’s the universe or a supreme being telling them it’s time to make changes. Others have a strong intuitive pull. You start to notice everything around you working together to bring this perceived occurrence(s) to reality. If everything is tilting you towards this perceived change, you should consider this one of the signs to know when enough is enough.

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