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Lagos Lately: The Most Inspiring Looks We Spotted On Nigerian Fashionistas

Lagos Lately: The Most Inspiring Looks We Spotted On Nigerian Fashionistas



omeone once said: “You never meet fashion the same way you left it.” True, no doubt. There’s worldwide evidence of the evolution of fashion, particularly among the stars. One moment, there’s a case for minimalist takes, and in another, the stars are aligning on the altar of wild embellishments. Yet, there are still times when we’re greeted with the best of all ends of the spectrum. In those moments, we’re in heaven. That’s the allure of the up-to-date offerings that stylish Nigerian fashionistas keep exposing us to. Who dares complain? 

Every day we dress up according to the ever-growing fashion influence, and when you come across individuals who place their unique marks on style, that’s worthy of admiration. Whether it’s rebuffing the common consensus of earthy tones being boring or injecting new vibes to classic denim, Nigerian fashionistas show that true style is more about authenticity than it is about the outfits you wear. Today, allow us to stimulate your minds and inspire you with Naija style stars who know how to play the style game.

Check out 7 chic looks spotted on stylish Nigerian fashionistas last week…

#1. Denim, dress, and ruffles

Photo: @temiotedola/Instagram

Whoever thought jeans and gowns would never compete for relevance had no idea about this IT denim dress. Thanks to the innovation of our designers, one can be transformed from an edgy cool girl into a glamorous inspiration.

Talking about inspiration, Nigerian actress Temi Otedola in this ruffled Louis Shengtao Chen denim number with sleeves is surely inspiring. Dresses like this scream evolution and break the rules of plain denim gowns and overalls.

#2. Slay as you pray

Photo: @mercyaigbe/Instagram

As Muslims everywhere celebrated Eid, we saw lots of Muslim women who didn’t fall short of style this season as they continued to leave us spellbound by their delightful and refined looks.

Nigerian actress Mercy Aigbe is one of the stylish Nigerian fashionistas who never misses. She celebrated Eid in style and class as she donned an all-black Luminee ensemble: black gown, black shawl, and matching headgear. This outfit is a breathtaking choice, suitable for most religious events and social soirees.

#3. Denim jacket and wide legs

Photo: @liquorose/Instagram

Here’s another way to step up your casual outfits game — Liquorose proving that edgy and feminine can coexist. The sultry palazzos and the dashing white heels gave off an edgy flair, as the denim jacket brought the perfection together. Meanwhile, the multiple-layered #neckmess and statement earrings added a feminine touch for just the right mix of oomph.

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#4. Earthy and powerful

Photo: @medlinboss/Instagram

To celebrate her birthday last week, Nigerian veteran actress Ini Edo stepped out in a smart get-up styled by the popular celebrity stylist Mimi Linda Yina (Medlin Boss).

Her outfit was a combination of a brown and black striped blazer and burnt orange tailored trousers. Again, I ask, whoever thought that earthy tones were boring? Well, Ms. Edo just proved you wrong. Add to that her flawless skin and minimal makeup and you see why this ensemble is a major hit.

#5. Womanly feathers

Photo: @veekee_james/Instagram

Fashion evolves every day. But fashion never forgets its roots. As styles and trends continue to morph, inventive Nigerian designers will never stop creating pieces that embody womanhood.

This is what Veekee James, an award-winning Nigerian fashion designer, does well. Her collection, VJ, creates utterly beautiful feminine offerings. One of her designs is this chic silk long-sleeved dress with pink feathery details at the cuff and hem. To complete the look, pink pumps were called into action. No doubt, a correct fit for anyone who chooses to look gorgeous and captivating at a big event.

#6. Gowns and sneakers

Photo: @medlinboss/Instagram

Mimi Linda Yina (Medlin Boss) also styled another “serving” look last week — on herself. She opted for a black maxi dress with white sneakers, a statement bag, and layered pearl necklaces with a chunky pendant. This inspiration covers any craving for feeling chic while staying comfy. Yina shows how to ditch the heels and slay without having to feel uncomfortable with your footwear. 

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#7. Striking pastels

Photo: @oliviaarukwe/Instagram

It shouldn’t surprise you that pastels can create bold desirable outfits that are perfect for rocking to different kinds of events. Blush and lilac may be termed mild hues, but not all colors fit into that box. Let’s take the lemon green wide-leg pants spotted on Olivia Arukwe, for example. It added vibrancy and style to the Nigerian entrepreneur’s outfit. Her rolled-up Kai Collective blouse, which is a combination of soft blue, pastel yellow, and brown, paired nicely with the bottoms.

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