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5 Ways To Develop Mental Resilience And Increase Your Well-Being

5 Ways To Develop Mental Resilience And Increase Your Well-Being

In the fast-paced and often unstable world we live in today, it is more important than ever to possess mental resilience. But what does that mean? It means prioritising your mental health and being able to self-regulate your emotions and respond to situations effectively rather than react to them. It also means defining what a successful life means to you and having the courage to live that out, no matter the pushback.

To develop mental resilience, you need to put in the hard work and trust that the time and energy you are investing in yourself will be worth it in the long-run. Without a doubt, when things get rough, you will have your well-developed mental strength to rely on and get you through.

Here are 5 ways to develop your mental resiliency and increase your emotional well-being…

1. Focus On What You Can Control

There is no use in worrying or thinking about things that you cannot change. There is a peace that unfolds in your life when you learn to accept things as they are and not what you think it should be. Use your precious energy instead to do productive things like setting goals, practising self-care and solving problems.

2. Catch Negative Thoughts Before They Spiral Out Of Control

Negative thoughts like, “I will never succeed” are self-destructing and will only hold you back from reaching your full potential. When a negative thought arises, ask yourself where the evidence is for this belief. Ask yourself if this thought is helpful; more often than not, it isn’t. Replace negative thoughts with positive, realistic and productive ones instead.

3. Sit With Your Feelings

A sign of mental resiliency is the ability to sit with your emotions, no matter how uncomfortable or unpleasant they are. Instead of brushing them under the carpet, accept them as they are without judgement or the need to control or be controlled by them. Learn to take action in spite of your emotions; instead of saying “I wish I could be more sociable at this party,” choose to talk to other people despite how you feel.

4. Set Boundaries With Yourself

Mentally strong people know when to rest and when to work; they know when to socialise and when to recharge; they know when to say yes and when to say no. Know your limits and set boundaries on yourself. Learn how to nurture yourself, take a step back when needed and realise when you need help. People with mental resilience are not above asking for support and seeking therapy when needed, like the online counselling services BetterHelp offer. You can learn more at

Mental Resilience

5. Develop A Strong Support Network

There is little more important than surrounding yourself with supportive, uplifting and positive friends to ride out the storms of life with. Increasing amounts of studies have shown that social connections are key to a long, well-lived and robust life. When things get tough, do you have people in your life you can turn to for support and comfort?

Developing mental strength takes commitment, time and practise. But choosing to develop your mental resiliency is the best way to prepare yourself for life’s setbacks and downturns. When you are inevitably faced with the harsh realities of life, you will have something very close to a superpower – the ability to turn negativity into opportunity and pain into growth.

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