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5 Unconventional Wedding Guest Styles That Are Really Stylish

5 Unconventional Wedding Guest Styles That Are Really Stylish

For some, one of the biggest social dilemmas is having so many weddings to attend that it becomes so much work to dress up. This often translates to resorting to a familiar wedding guest style; a classic dress, a statement jumpsuit or between the two. 

While there’s nothing wrong in falling back on something you’ve worn in the past, a wedding is an opportunity to reinvent your style and an old look often leaves one feeling unfresh.

What then do you do when you have to ensemble a wedding guest outfit that stands out? For starters, you need to keep an open mind and push aside what you are used to and be able to embrace the alternatives being suggested.

While some of these wedding guest styles might not be your typical chic-glam look, they are nonetheless stylish and will definitely have you standing out like a true Style Raven. Our aim is to not only help you elevate your style but to deliver on unconventional looks that will push your limits without making you feel uncomfortable.

Here are 5 unconventional wedding guest styles that you should consider…

Something visually interesting


You might think this isn’t too out of the ordinary, but you can’t deny the visual impact, especially with the way the dress fits so beautifully. The bold thigh-high slit and the structured detailing sure makes this a headliner.

Something dramatically classic


If you are someone who absolutely loves details, then this look right here is everything you’ve dreamt of and more. The ruffles, the pleats, the lace, the length and balance are all well placed to provide a fantastic classic look.

Alternative colour-blocking


You can count on being set in a fabulous piece with layered colour-blocking. This look doesn’t take away from anything nor would it upset the bride. Still, there’s no denying that you would be close to the centre of attraction with a look like this.

A mood brightener


This look right here is mood brightening. The high shoulders and the beaded blue fabric just makes our optics pop! It most certainly isn’t for minimalists as the garment structure is far bolder and best for the woman who wants to make herself known.

An effortless festive look


There is this fear of wearing ruffles to weddings to avoid looking too “festive.” Though a look like this could indeed be festive, there’s something bold yet fun about it that makes it an effortless wedding guest style.

Which of these looks are you most likely to try soon?

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