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5 Last Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Mom

5 Last Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Mom

  • Even with the pandemic, there's no pass for skipping gift giving this Mother's Day.
  • See which stores are still open and where to shop these easy to find items.
  • The last idea is a convenient gift "no" woman will say no to!

‌ No matter your age or the distance apart, your mother will forever be an important figure you carry in your heart everywhere you go. There’s that one-of-a-kind relationship we could only have with our mothers that transcends beyond Mother’s Day. last minute mother’s day ideas

As Mother’s Day in the United States approaches––that’s Sunday, May 10, many spend the time reminiscing on their mother’s matchless love and sacrifices. It’s only natural that we’ll want to give our mothers the best Mother’s Day gift as a token of our appreciation.

If you’re a mom, you’re a superhero. Period.

– Rosie Pope

Even with the global pandemic that has hit us, there’s no pass for skipping gift-giving this Mother’s Day. We might have to do things a little different this year but thoughtful giving will never go out of style.

Instead of that family dinner, we might just have to make do with a video call and in all, a gift sent across or dropped off at mom’s is still possible. Keep in mind that the gift should help pamper mom during this difficult season and compensate for your absence.

Check out 5 last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas to put a smile on any mom’s face…

#1. A hairdryer kit

Photo: Cottonbro | Pexels

Every woman likes to book a hair appointment every once in a while but a quick fix at home is always needed. Put a smile on momma’s face with a brand new hairdryer kit this Mother’s Day. Walmart is a great place to shop for this at the last minute.

#2. Skincare set for that glow up

Photo: Valeriia Miller | Pexels

An illuminating hydrator should be top on the list. Try to avoid the “anti-aging” labels as that might send the wrong message. Package alongside a handwritten card stating how much you love her and her incredible looks. Wondering where to buy skincare sets during the lockdown? Stop & Shop, Shoprite, Target, and major pharmacies are some options. last minute mother’s day ideas

#3. Stylish PJs for chic at-home vibes

HRH Abbyke Domina

Sometimes the stress of being a mom, wife, and a business or career woman could tell on mothers that they relegate their look to the background. A stylish Pajamas is a subtle reminder that slaying has no age requirement. Please ditch the grandma pajamas for something more modern and well-fitted. Buy one that could easily double as loungewear. Target is a great place to shop for pajamas as many other clothing stores may still be closed during this time.

#4. A statement handbag to stay slaying

Photo: Alexandra Maria | Pexels


Within every woman is that love for beautiful accessories although in different variations. Once things return to a new normal, trust that the next event will be all the rave and mom will be super lit, thanks to you. Again, Target is a good place to shop for a handbag as many fashion stores may still be closed during this time.

Be sure to check out our collection of handbags at the Style Rave Shop.

#5. That cash gift just to say thank you

Photo: Karolina Grabowska | Pexels


Money is a universal love language! Shake up her bank account with a transfer alert and watch her rain prayers on you. Although some mothers may not want cash, you know the woman in your life and you can decide whether her mindset is in tune with the rest of us. Money answereth all things and never have truer words been spoken.

If you’re a mom and happen to stumble on this, stretch your legs and let the people in your life spoil you silly. You’re deserving of all the love and more.

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