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5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Being Caffeine Free

5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Being Caffeine Free


Many swear that they can’t start their day right without having had at least one cup of coffee. Caffeine has its health benefits no doubt, however, for the reasons you’ll discover below, you can cut down on the amount consumed or give up on caffeinated drinks altogether.

If you’re a fan of other high-caffeine drinks like CocaCola, energy drinks, or simply a coffee-addict working on avoiding caffeine, besides your pocket thanking you for it, the benefits listed here are also what you stand to gain.

Here are 5 surprising benefits of being caffeine free…

#1. Lower blood pressure

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Caffeine has been known to elevate blood pressure. So, quitting coffee or caffeine can lower your blood pressure and keep your heart from working too hard. If that’s not enough reason to take a step back, then, we wonder what is.

#2. Lower risk of a heart attack

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With an increase in blood pressure, the chances of having a heart attack are also increased. Therefore, when you reduce your intake of caffeinated drinks, you also reduce your chances of getting heart attacks. Of course, this doesn’t mean that consuming caffeine will certainly give you a heart attack, no! It just means your odds risk of heart attack is lower (considering your other lifestyle choices).

#3. Fewer headaches

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For those who are addicted to coffee or caffeine, any alterations to the amount they’re used to per day can cause headaches. This is because caffeine withdrawal is real. Caffeine has also been mentioned as one of the triggers of migraine. What better time to stop than now!

#4. Better sleep

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Seeing as the half-life for caffeine is 4-6 hours, drinking coffee or energy drinks too late in the day can interfere with getting to sleep quickly and your body will end up not being fully rested.

#5. Healthier and whiter teeth

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Did this shock you? Due to the high levels of tannins present in coffee, it ends up staining your teeth. The acidity in caffeinated drinks also leads to erosion of the enamel. Eliminating these beverages results in whiter and healthier teeth. Thank us later.

Featured image: Mikhail Nilov | Pexels

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