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4 Surprising Health Benefits Of Exercise | SR Living

4 Surprising Health Benefits Of Exercise | SR Living

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Just like you, I started 2016 with loads of New Year’s resolutions and exercising was at the top of my list. To be fair to myself, I have worked out vigorously in my head. No, don’t laugh. But in reality, all I have done since January is work, eat, sleep, play and repeat. But I’m sure you all can understand…anyone who’s ever tried to commit to an exercise routine knows how hard staying true to that commitment can be.

Jokes aside, I’ve decided to revamp my commitment to a healthier lifestyle. So to that end, I decided to do some research on the benefits (Other than the basic stuff we already know) of exercising just to further motivate myself.

Here’s what I learned:

Besides improving cardiovascular health, building muscle, and of course, get a hot rockin’ bod, working out also has many other superb benefits and virtually everyone can benefit from exercise — young and old, fit and unfit alike.

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These 4 reasons were the most inspiring for me:

  1. Exercise is great for your brain: Scientists have found that exercise improves blood flow to the brain, feeds the growth of new blood vessels and even new brain cells which triggers the growth of new neurons and helps repair and protect brain cells from degeneration. Exercise has also been linked to lower rates of depression and Alzheimer’s disease along with improved memory.
  2. It helps your Creativity: Feeling uninspired? The solution might be just a short walk or a jog away.  Even though the evidence has been shown to be inconclusive, it showed that physical exercise may sometimes enhance creative thinking.
  3. Your skin will thank you: Exercise revs up circulation and blood flow to your skin, delivering oxygen and nutrients. This promotes overall skin health while helping wounds heal faster.
  4. Control addiction: Some people are dependent on the substances that produce dopamine, like drugs, alcohol, food or sex. Short exercise sessions can effectively distract drug or alcohol addicts, making them de-prioritize cravings.

Inspired by these to get back on your work out game? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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